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Online Yoga School FAQs

Answers to the Questions We Get Asked the Most

Welcome to My Vinyasa Practice’s Online Yoga School FAQs. We appreciate your interest in our yoga teacher training and we know you have questions.  We offer Yoga Alliance approved training in multiple formats. My Vinyasa Practice is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, and we have been offering yoga teacher training in Austin, TX and through our online yoga school for the past six years.

As of March 2020, Yoga Alliance instructed its RYS to move its training programs online. Our 200 & 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training is currently being facilitated online. Students can complete the entire training online through December 31st, 2023, and register with Yoga Alliance upon successful completion.

You can find our YA profile HERE. Below is some useful information to help you better understand our programming. Still, have questions? Contact us at [email protected]

How do I register?

Select your desired yoga teacher training program, choose your payment option, and submit your tuition payment. Once you have submitted payment you are registered for the course. You have the option of paying with either a deposit or paying in full. If you choose a deposit, you will be set up with an affordable payment plan.

What if I no longer need a payment plan?

My Vinyasa Practice believes that the information learned in Yoga Teacher Training should be more readily available to those looking to deepen their practice. We are open to working with potential students to create payment plans that work for them.

Reach out to Financial Support to set up or complete your payment plan at:
[email protected]

Will I learn Sanskrit, mantra, and hands-on assisting?
Yes! We will learn all of the components of Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Yin Yoga including Sanskrit names for poses, historical origins, and variations in style. We will also be learning sequencing, assisting, pose/counter pose, ethics, and business.
I am outside of the United States. Can I still participate in the program and teach outside of the United States?
Yes! We work with students from around the world and, after completing this program and becoming certified through My Vinyasa Practice, you will be eligible to teacher wherever you are.
I want to start my yoga journey now. Can I begin anytime?

Yes! Register for one of our online trainings today and receive everything you need to get started.

Can I go through YTT even if I don't want to teach?

Absolutely! We created this content with both teachers and practitioners in mind. We believe yogic teachings should be accessible and affordable to anyone looking to deepen their practice. You may also consider our Yoga Teacher Training LITE Version if you are looking to deepen your personal practice.

If I want in-person mentor teacher support will you provide me with someone to work with locally?
Yes! We are able to find you a mentor teacher who will work with you in conjunction with local studios near you if this is something you would like. Some students do not want a mentor teacher so we leave the decision to the student.
I want to be a Certified Yoga Instructor. Will this course help me achieve this goal?
The term “Certified Yoga Instructor” is not a term used in the yoga industry. The appropriate term is Registered Yoga Teacher. There are many registries in the United States and Internationally. After completing training through My Vinyasa Practice you willl be given certification and eligible to teach around the world.
What is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization that sets standards for Yoga Teacher Training. It is not required for anyone to register with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga. Yoga Alliance is a registry and does not certify students to teach yoga. The yoga school in which the student trains certifies them.

Is My Vinyasa Practice registered with Yoga Alliance?

My Vinyasa Practice Online Yoga Teacher Training Provider

Both our in person 200 Hour and our in person 300 Hour trainings are registered with Yoga Alliance. My Vinyasa Practice’s Online Continuing Education courses count toward non-contact CEUs with Yoga Alliance. You can find our profile HERE.

Before March 2020 Yoga Alliance did not register online schools. Now, they are allowing yoga teacher training to be facilitated online through yoga schools that already have registered in-person training. Through December 31, 2023 our 200 and 300 hour trainings can be facilitated online and both trainings are approved through Yoga Alliance to meet the requirements to register as a Registered Yoga Teacher. All students who complete our Yoga Teacher Training facilitated online through December 31, 2023 will be able to register with Yoga Alliance.

Continuing Education Courses are online. Are they Yoga Alliance approved?

Yes! Our Continuing Education courses are registered with Yoga Alliance and count toward non-contact hour CEUs.

Can I register with Yoga Alliance after completing online training?

During this time, students enrolled in online programs will be able to register with Yoga Alliance. This temporary provision is due to COVID-19 and will end on December 31, 2023.

Do I need to register with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga?

No. Yoga Alliance is one registry among many in the country and the world. The YTT school certifies students to teach yoga and registration with Yoga Alliance, or any registry, is not required to teach yoga. In fact, we have not had any students struggle to find employment without registration. You will still leave training feeling confident and able to teach with an in-depth knowledge of yoga philosophy, asana, techniques, and more.

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