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My name is Michelle Young and I’m the owner of My Vinyasa Practice. I was first introduced to yoga by my mother when I was just nine-years-old. I can still hear my mother’s voice saying, “I think you’ll like yoga,” and in that moment intuitively knowing that it would be a part of my life forever. I thought about pursuing it many times, but my yoga practice didn’t truly begin until I became a mother myself. After the birth of my oldest son, I was looking for a way to get back into shape while cultivating some balance into my life.

When I was in high school, my mother passed away from cancer and I found myself in a world where teachers and school staff were projecting their own pain on me without compassion. Overwhelmed with grief, I started skipping classes and I almost wasn’t allowed to graduate. Thankfully my grandmother – a former school teacher herself – stepped in and I headed off to college with the hopes of becoming the teacher I needed during my high school years.

As a teacher, I found myself yearning for a clear path to true connection with students in an environment that didn’t project pain or belief systems on them. I realized that I could find the teacher/student connection I was seeking through teaching yoga. Using my teaching background as a platform, I completed my yoga teacher training.

I studied Ashtanga Yoga booth privately with my teacher and independently for a decade. During that time, I started writing my own professional development training that would teach teachers to practice authenticity and foster a connection with their students without projecting their own belief systems on them. I wrote the training so that it would be scalable. It was through that experience that I realized that many yoga teachers make the teacher/student relationship about the teacher when it should always be about the student. I wanted to change this, so I decided to continue offering my training and move into many different professional settings to help all yoga providers recognize projection and serve their community, leaving their personal biases behind.

When my family had grown to five, we settled in Austin, Texas where I studied privately with, Shanti Kelley for two years. During that time, I completed my 500-hour advanced training in Alignment-Based Vinyasa Yoga.

Today, I continue to deepen my practice through advanced studies in Yoga Therapy, Metaphysic and Tantra Yoga, and in my daily interaction with care teams in professional settings. I am a Yoga Therapist at Seaton Hospital, servicing the cardiac rehabilitation unit. In addition to teaching public classes, corporate classes, and hosting My Vinyasa Practice workshops and retreats, I also offer free quarterly spiritual psychology meet-ups that discuss the application of yoga philosophy, spiritual psychology and transpersonal psychology as tools to achieve balance and peace.

I’m proud of the company I’ve built and the community that I’ve fostered whose mission is not to impose the teacher’s practice on the student but, rather, offer a platform and a channel for information and knowledge to be shared with the student. My Vinyasa Practice is a place where students can come to an authentic understanding of practice.

Thinking back, my mother was right. I really do like yoga.


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Michelle, Founder of My Vinyasa Practice


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