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by | Oct 18, 2018 | Home Practice, Online Yoga Teacher Training

Over the past several years, online Yoga Teacher Training has become common place among Google searches looking for affordable, accessible yoga training. Up until recently Yoga Alliance has not validated online training but all that changed in September when Yoga Alliance released their Standards Review Project which clearly endorsed online Yoga Teacher Trainings as effective means to train and support professional growth. With this new realization many individuals are wondering how online training works and what the benefits to online training are to the user.

Accessibility and Scalability

Online Yoga Teacher Training is accessible for anyone who has a laptop and a wifi connection. The ease of use found in online yoga training speaks to the business of our modern lives. Many potential yoga teachers are stay at home moms who can’t spend weeks, or even months, away from their families to pursue their passion of teaching yoga. In person trainings may provide access to certain geographic areas but remote locations are often overlooked and underserved. By offering online options for YTT programs we can scale training to locations that are really in need of training options. By giving everyone access to the content found in Yoga Teacher Trainings we are in effect helping to uplift collective consciousness and, ultimately, bring yoga to the masses.


Yoga Teacher Training is expensive and with studios popping up on every corner it’s becoming more and more difficult to find an inexpensive training program. Many in person training programs are priced to help studio owners cover the high costs of rent. Studio overhead is a huge expense, and offering training to offset the costs associated with overhead can be a strategy that helps keep studios financially healthy. That said, have you ever stopped to ask yourself where the yoga studios came up with the $3,000 price tag they attach to a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Recently, I asked a group of teachers in training the same question and most believed Yoga Alliance had some guidance or regulation with regards to Yoga Teacher Training pricing. In fact, Yoga Alliance does not have any recommendation as to what studios should charge for Yoga Teacher Training. To become a registered school with Yoga Alliance, a yoga school has to fill out a syllabus and pay a registration fee of around $250 per year, per program. Once registered, schools can decided their own pricing structure. For years studios have been competing with one another to fill trainings, and that is why the costs associated with training are so high.

By scaling Yoga Teacher Trainings, online schools can reach more people and, in theory, they can charge less money. Without the overhead associated with a studio, the costs associated with Yoga Teacher Training goes down significantly. By recording lectures, practices, and meditations you can create content that does not cost additional resources to share, ultimately, making online Yoga Teacher Training the most affordable and scalable option.

Depth of Practice

Enrolling in an online Yoga Teacher Training can help you to cultivate a deeper relationship with your personal practice by learning about the metaphysical components of a yoga practice that are outside of the physical practice of yoga. Meditation, pranayama, selfless service, and devotion to a higher power are all aspects of the yoga practice that can be taken off the mat and into your life. When you participate in an online Yoga Teacher Training you will be exposed to practices that will enrich your yoga and meditation practice in new and exciting ways.

On Demand Certification

Each yoga school is responsible for their own certification; Yoga Alliance does not certify yoga teachers and that is why the term Registered Yoga Teacher is the term most widely used opposed to Certified Yoga Teacher. Any school that offers training, whether online or in person, certifies their own teachers. In order to register with Yoga Alliance, a teacher must have completed a program that is registered with Yoga Alliance.

For most teachers, it is more important to be certified to teach Yoga than it is to be registered with Yoga Alliance. If certification is what you’re looking for, then online yoga teacher training might  be perfect. Quicker than most in person options, online yoga teacher training meets you where you’re at and gives you the tools you need to learn to teach yoga. At the end of the day, no studio requires that you register with Yoga Alliance, so it might be a more efficient option to go online. You can get certified in a matter of weeks and begin teaching.

Self Study and Self Empowerment

The most beautiful things about Yoga Teacher Training, whether online or in person, is the component of self study, in yoga it is called Svadhyaya. Self Study is the backbone of any good Yoga Teacher Training, and online trainings are no different. Of course you will learn the poses, how to link the breath to the transitionary movements in between postures, and you will learn how to sequence and plan classes; But, at the end of the day the reflective psychology of yoga is the jewel that reflects your own inner light.

Online programs are an excellent way to dive deep into your personal practice, your motivations for teaching, and your continued development of Self Awareness. By cultivating a relationship with yourself, your inner material, and your tendencies you will be learning about what motivates you. This insight can be extremely empowering regardless of whether you decided to teach yoga full time or not.

Online Vs. In Person

I lead both in person and online Yoga Teacher Trainings, and I personally love the accessibility that our online YTT offers. It’s perfect for stay at home moms or busy professionals wanting to add the healing path of Yoga to their professional expertise. At the end of the day I do not have an opinion on which training is better when it comes to the question of online training verses in person training. I do know that online training is very personal and has the potential to transform the teacher in training in the most heartfelt ways. In person training is also valid and offers transformational benefits that come with being in a physical community and learning in relation to others. One thing is for sure, both online and in person trainings offer you the tools to cultivate a life long practice that will support you in both times of abundance and times of lack.


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