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My Vinyasa Practice, Uplifting Collective Consciousness  

Mindfulness Coaching Certification

Develop the skills to empower your clients and change lives through our Mindfulness Coaching Certification. Work with clients one to one, in workshops, or in conferences to transform and change lives. Get one on one coaching to help establish your business.

Meditation Training

Develop the skills you need to teach mindfulness and meditation. In our Meditation Certification, you will learn the history and philosophy behind meditation and mindfulness, you will be taught multiple techniques to bring about states of meditation and Samadhi, and you will learn to market yourself and acquire clientel. 


Build a business that will yield abundance and prosperity. Cultivate a values based business that can be scaled from the ground up. Learn to effectively market to your target audience and take your company beyond six figures. Invest in yourself today so that you can grow tomorrow. 


Balancing Mind, Body, & Soul

MVP is proud to create online courses that help participants reach their goals while connecting mind, body, and soul. With a solid foundation in mindfulness, our programs have been voted the best internationally. We have a wide range of trainings and courses that can meet anyone’s needs. All of our online programs are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can register with confidence.  Elevate your life while helping to uplift the collective. 

Yoga Therapy For Grief

Learn how to use your yoga and meditation practice to heal from grief. In our Yoga Therapy for Grief course, you’ll learn how to integrate the loss you’ve experienced while fortifying your connection to consciousness. 

Yoga therapy for anxiety

Use your yoga practice to deal with anxiety while reseting your nervous system and reprograming behavioral patterns. Our Yoga Therapy for Anxiety gives you everything you need and more to find peace and calm.

Yoga Therapy For Balance

Find balance in 2021 with our Yoga Therapy for Balance course. You’ll learn practices to help you focus and follow through while releasing any unwhanted energetic attachments that no longer serve. 

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