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My Vinyasa Practice provides both yoga teachers and professionals within the health and wellness community an opportunity to share their knowledge with others through becoming an author with MVP.  Knowledgeable and experienced professionals have created courses to share with you, deepening your personal growth, skills as a teacher, and allowing for personal investment.

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Have you ever thought about writing your own course for others to take? Thought to yourself, “I wish I had a way to share these wonderful methods I have learned over my years with other teachers and students.” My Vinyasa Practice is excited to work with fellow teachers to help them expand on their visions and dreams. Being an author is a great way to gain feedback for your new content! If you are a YACEP Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance you can even offer students CEUs for your courses.


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Intro to yoga


This course is designed to hold space for those wishing to begin their personal yoga practice, those who may have taken some away from their mat and are looking for a compassionate guide back, and yoga teachers interested in learning how to teach beginners. You can expect to find information on what yoga is, why we practice yoga, common poses, and ways to support yourself with props, as well as yoga practice videos. We will touch on Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. You will be invited to practice svadhyaya, or self-study, through journaling and mindfulness. You will feel comfortable entering a public yoga class and confident supporting your at-home practice. You will find various forms of information throughout the course from written lectures, video lectures, pre-recorded yoga practices, as well as journaling prompts, and invitations to reflect on the application of the information learned in this course.

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200-hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training

By Ana Pilar Cruz

This training will take students through the history and philosophy of Tantra Yoga, including rituals, practices, and tantric techniques. You’ll learn traditional techniques that elevate conscious connection to yourself, others, and your experience. Tantra Yoga is a system of yoga where Hatha, Karma, Bhakti, Jnana, Rajas, and Laya Yoga are integrated together to form a system of practices that yield purification of the mind and body. Through this purification, One’s non-dual nature is realized, the natural Enlightened state reinitiated, and Self Realization achieved.

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prenatal yoga

85-hour Prenatal Certification

By Kristiana Castillo Vuong

This course will certify you in pre and post-natal yoga instruction and enable you to work with expectant mothers and mothers who have recently given birth. In this training you will learn the biology of fertility, anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, and the mechanisms for delivery. You’ll learn how to modify asana, pranayama, and pratyahara to meet expectant mothers where they are at to ensure a safe and fruitful yoga practice. Additionally, this training also covers the postpartum period, giving you tips to help mothers ground and pacify their senses postpartum.

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prenatal yoga



Learn how to enrich your life with some of the most commonly known Essential Oils. You will gain knowledge of the history of Essential Oils, their production, how to identify qualitative oils, anatomy & physiology of the major organ systems, three essential oil profiles, an e-book with more than 30 blends for various life situations, as well as an introduction to the essential oil market and business, as well as ethical considerations.   
Upon completing this course you will be able to confidently create your own Essential Oil Blends, diffuse oils depending on the current external environment needs to facilitate smooth integration through the lens of PIES, and create impactful meaning and adequate use of essential oils to enrich your daily experience.

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200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

By Maire Mcglasson

In this training, you will learn a breakdown of Hatha Yoga through history and lineages of Hatha yoga. From where it was first practiced and by whom to the modern day take on the style of practice. Students will work through asana practices and meditations to find a connection with the experience. While some of you may be yoga teachers looking to increase your skill set or yogis looking to learn more about your passion, this course relates the philosophy into your experience and allow you to create an understanding and connection with the practice that is true to yourself. Each of these aspects of Hatha Yoga influences the mind, body, and spirit; but also reflects on how, when they are combined, they can change and create new experiences. Whether you are just applying these new understandings to your personal practice or expanding your knowledge as a yoga teacher, learn what Hatha Yoga is in our 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training!

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Ritual Guide

Ritual Guide Training

By Bridget Martin

Become a trained Ritual Guide to host your own healing, holistic rituals for yourself and others! Discover how to work with various, alternative healing modalities and mystic tools to support your rituals, such as how to read oracle cards, work with the elements, crystal healing, mantra, astrology and more. Learn how to sequence a ritual to align with your specific intention, while holding space as a pure vessel. You’ll also be guided through grounding and manifesting meditations for Full and New Moon’s that you can take with you for future reference.

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A family practices yoga together in a bright room

parent & Family yoga 

By Kaytee hernandez

Throughout this course, you will learn about the benefits of yoga for kids and families, how to incorporate yoga philosophy and concepts into your family life, age-appropriate techniques and practices to share with kids of all ages, how to support healthy child development and growth, stress reduction tools and practices, how to create your own yoga experiences, and so much more!

Combining ancient wisdom, evidence-based practices, and scientific research, this course will provide you with the resources to share the benefits of yoga with your whole family.

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Children's Yoga

95-Hour Children’s Yoga Certification

By Kaytee Hernandez

Teaching children Yoga can have a lasting impact that enhances their quality of life and wellbeing. Throughout this training you will learn about the benefits of yoga for children, yoga philosophy and concepts for kids, anatomy and physiology, age appropriate techniques and practices, trauma sensitive tools and practices, class planning, sequencing and management, and lots of fun activities! On this journey you will be encouraged to connect with your inner child. Remember what you enjoyed, experienced and learned when you were 4, 7, 10, and 13 years old. This experience can be healing for your inner child, as well as the children in your life.

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Children's Yoga



In Mindfulness in Daily Life, you will learn ways to slow down and experience your present moment while holding compassionate space for yourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. During our training, we will learn several simple and short techniques to apply immediately, while also learning some formal practices that may be adopted and applied into our daily or weekly routine.

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yoga mental health

Yoga & Mental Health for Body Image

By Grace Secker Mackey

This course is designed for anyone who finds themselves struggling with negative body image or disordered eating. This is also meant for healing professionals and yoga teachers to further their learning into helping others with these concerns. The modules focus on how to heal body image in the four energetic bodies: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. I have designed this course to help you deepen your relationship with yourself on all levels.

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meditation lotus pillow

Meditation Lotus Pillow

By Linda Hisaw

This course is designed for individuals who would like learn how to create their own Mediation Lotus Pillow from beginning to end with the written and video tutorials, patterns, and step-by-step instructions. These pillow can make wonderful gifts, additions to your studio, or provide a personal connection to your own practice!

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Journey of the Chakra Bodies

Journey of the Chakra Bodies

By Leti Alvarez

This course will takes you through each of the seven chakras and deepen your understanding of the chakra system. Explore the seven chakras, (their locations within the body, their purpose, their associated color) and learn the characteristics involved in chakra balancing and stimulating.

Journey of the Chakras Energies Body is perfect for beginner to advanced Yogis who want to learn more about the chakra system. It is also great for seasoned Yoga teachers who would like to learn how to incorporate chakra balancing into their classes.

This course is eligible for 20 CEUs with Yoga Alliance.

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Women sitting in easy seat with hands at heart center. Words across the picture say Beginner Yoga.

Yoga Beginner Series

By Leti Alvarez

This course is intended to introduce the beginning yogi into the world of yoga. This series is targeted for those who have been off their mat for an extended length of time due to careers, raising children, or to the raw beginner. Also excellent for the yoga teacher wanting to teach beginners in their studio/online. This course will dive deep into the basic postures and start from the ground up, explaining each and the benefits as well as how to safely get in and out of postures. Through detailed deep work, we will explore each posture.

This course is eligible for 20 CEUs with Yoga Alliance.

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Little Giant Life

Little Giant Life

By Maritza Diaz

Little Giant Life is partnering with My Vinyasa Practice to offer Movement and Mindfulness for children and teens! Connection for our children is needed now more than ever!

Instilling mindfulness for children is key to have a more fulfilling life while maintaining balance and inner peace. We believe that integrating key life skills such as emotional intelligence and growth mindset is the TRUE balance of every child to champion their own lives.

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Release & Restore

Release & Restore

By Shari Belmarez

Trauma, exercise, inflammation, sitting, and poor posture, or should I just say life in general, can put pressure on nerves and muscles, causing chronic pain, decreased joint range of motion, and decreased circulation. Pain prevents you from performing your best, and affects your ability to perform daily tasks.

Mobility is the key to increasing physical strength and performance.

Self-myofascial release is a technique that helps heal and repair your soft-tissue (fascia) throughout your body. In as little as 10 minutes a day, you will begin to feel better and perform better.

This course will teach you various techniques that can be practiced anytime and anywhere while helping to enhance the body’s natural healing capabilities.

This course is eligible for 20 CEUs with Yoga Alliance.

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