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My Vinyasa Practice

Authenticity Meets Accessibility

My Vinyasa Practice is a yoga studio offering yoga and yoga therapy on the campus of ACC at Highland. My Vinyasa Practice started as an educational platform providing both independent online learning and in person yoga offerings that are community focused and accessible to everyone.

My Vinyasa Practice believes that the wisdom teachings found in yoga are fundamental teachings that are designed to be shared freely worldwide to help bring individuals back into relationship with their experience.

Our passion is fueled by universal experiences where we are taught to look outside of ourselves for happiness, joy, and contentment. We believe that the teachings and practices found in yoga support an awakening into a more compassionate and balanced state of being that supports health and longevity through alignment of mind, body, and spirit.

My Vinyasa Practice recognizes that with steady practice the practitioner will cultivate confidence, clarity, and compassion all of which uplift the collective consciousness of the entire world. At our core we believe that the greatest gift to be given is in the act of knowing yourself and coming clean, free of projection and bias to the people you serve. It is our mission to provide our clients and students with projection free instruction and support to help them embody their most authentic experience. 

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