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Exclusive with Leslie Kaminoff
Presented by MVP

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On- Demand: Leslie Kaminoff Workshop

My Vinyasa Practice hosted Leslie Kaminoff in-studio in Austin, TX for a two (2) day workshop on Asana, Pranayama, and Bandhas! This workshop is a two (2) day, twelve (12) hour workshop provided now through On-Demand Access for those who could not attend live via in studio or live stream! Students will receive 14 day *access to this content for unlimited viewing during that time frame.

If you are interested in checking out Leslie’s book Yoga Anatomy, 2nd ed. before the event, you can find it here on Amazon!

*After 14 days, students can no longer access this content and the access will be revoked in their Teachable Account based on the access date given.

Yoga Antamoy

Leslie Kaminoff’s third edition of Yoga Anatomy is available for preorder with Amazon

*We do not associate MVP with the publication or sale of this book. We are providing information to our students about the availability of its existence. Thanks!

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