Special Event

Exclusive Workshop with Nischala Joy Devi

Presented by MVP!


This is a pre-recorded, three day training with Nischala Joy Devi that took place at My Vinyasa Practice in December 2020.  Ahead of the launch of her revised book The Secret Power of Yoga, My Vinyasa Practice was honored to host Author & Yogi Nischala Joy Devi for a three day event for advanced, yogic practitioners. 

In The Secret Power of Yoga, world-renowned Yoga expert Nischala Joy Devi interprets Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the principles at the basis of Yoga practice, from a heart-centered, intuitive, feminine perspective, resulting in the first translation intended for women.

Yoga is well known for its power to create a healthy body, but few realize the emotional and spiritual benefits. Devi’s simple, elegant, and deeply personal interpretations capture the spirit of each sutra, and her suggested practices offer numerous ways to embrace the spirituality of Yoga throughout your day.


REQUIRED Reading Material

The Secret Power of Yoga: A Woman’s Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras*
by Nischala Joy Devi

If you already own a copy of this book, please bring it with you for the workshop. If you need a copy you can purchase a copy here*. Please let us know if you are unable to obtain a copy for the workshop and we will order one for you to receive the first day of the workshop. Nischala will reference this text throughout the weekend and we will also provide you with pre-reading, which will help to prepare for concepts ahead of time!


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