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My Vinyasa Practice offers online continuing education courses appropriate for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, body workers, nurses, holistic healers, and workforce professionals. Our extensive library of certifications, training and inspirational courses help you to move forward in life. Whether you’re wanting to deepen your practice or cultivate the skills to scale your yoga biz, our online CEUs will give you what you need without breaking the bank.

Mindfulness Coaching Certification

Explore our online yoga courses and develop the skills to empower your clients and change lives through our Mindfulness Coaching Certification. Work with clients one to one, in workshops, or in conferences to transform and change lives. Get one on one coaching to help establish your business and to ensure your success. Our Mindfulness Coaching Certification gives you the tools you need to help others work through their inner material while leveraging the power of mindfulness.

Foundations In meditation Certification

Develop the skills you need to teach mindfulness and meditation through our Foundations in Meditation Certification. In this introduction to Meditation Certification, you will learn the history and philosophy behind meditation and mindfulness, you will be taught multiple techniques to bring about states of meditation and Samadhi, and you will learn to market yourself and acquire clientele as a meditation teacher. Training is supported by a dedicated teacher to ensure your success.

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Learn the foundations of clinical nutrition and Ayurveda and develop the skills needed to coach clients as an Ayurvedic Nutritionist. This certification teaches foundational concepts found in traditional nutrition certifications and elaborates on them to include the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Trainees will learn how to assess client’s nutritional intake, evaluate their dosha, spot areas of high risk, and leverage Ayurvedic techniques to mitigate these risks. Trainees will also learn to develop Ayurvedic programs to meet any client’s dietary requirements that promote a healthy and holistic relationship to food and food combining.


Build a business that will yield abundance and prosperity. In this course, wellness professionals learn the skills needed to build a sustainable business. We help you create a values based business that can be scaled from the ground up. Learn to effectively market to your target audience and take your company beyond six figures. Invest in yourself today so that you can grow tomorrow.  This training is directly supported by Michelle Young, founder & CEO of My Vinyasa Practice. Michelle knows a thing or two about business. 

Applied Yoga Certification

Our Applied Yoga Certification combines our 300 hour yoga teacher training with an additional 200 hours of clinical applications training that thoroughly prepares you to work one-on-one with clients or in clinical settings. Once you have completed your training, you will receive both a 300 hour Certification and an Applied Yoga Certification. You will be able to teach at the 500 hour level and work alongside healthcare professionals. This training represents our Module 1 Yoga Therapy Training providing the foundations of Yoga Therapy.

Awakening Psychic Abilities

In this online yoga course, you will learn how presence and objectivity give you the ability to tap into your psychic intuition. Course content includes an overview of the subtle bodies as they relate to psychic energy, how attachment creates an agenda and prevents us from seeing clearly, and how we can work with each individual chakra to develop these psychic abilities. Through various meditations and practices, you will learn to clear and cleanse energy, as well as release any blockages that may preventing you from seeing clearly.

Balancing Mind, Body, & Soul

MVP is proud to create online yoga courses that help participants reach their goals while connecting mind, body, and soul. With a solid foundation in mindfulness, our programs have been voted the best internationally. We have a wide range of trainings and courses that can meet anyone’s needs. All of our online programs are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can register with confidence.  Elevate your life while helping to uplift the collective.

Introduction To Yoga

This course is intended to introduce the beginning yogi into the world of yoga. This series is targeted for those who have been off their mat for an extended length of time due to careers, raising children, or to the raw beginner. Also excellent for the yoga teacher wanting to teach beginners in their studio/online. This is a wonderful foundational course on asana alignment.

Self Coaching Course

Looking for coaching tools that you can apply to your day-to-day life? We’ve got you covered with our Self Coaching Course. In this online course, you’ll learn to develop skills that will help you come back to center, reground, perception check, and create more interdependent relationships. Learn to work with your inner material to find clarity and continuity in mind, body, and soul.

Yoga therapy for depression

Are you searching for a way to process depressive thoughts through mindfulness and yoga? If you answered yes, then we’ve got the perfect course to support your quest. Our Yoga Therapy for Depression course is designed for anyone looking to foster a relationship with their practice and the tools found within mindfulness to reduce depressive tendencies. 

Yoga Therapy For Grief

Learn how to use your yoga and meditation practice to heal from grief in our online yoga courses. In our Yoga Therapy for Grief course, you’ll learn how to integrate the loss you’ve experienced while fortifying your connection to consciousness. 

Yoga therapy for anxiety

Use your yoga practice to deal with anxiety while reseting your nervous system and reprograming behavioral patterns in this online yoga course. Our Yoga Therapy for Anxiety gives you everything you need and more to find peace and calm.

Yoga Therapy For Balance

Find balance in 2022 with our online yoga course, Yoga Therapy for Balance. You’ll learn practices to help you focus and follow through while releasing any unwanted energetic attachments that no longer serve. Develop skills to stay balanced even in challenging times.

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