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Step into your Potential

What is Online Coaching?

Online Coaching, with Michelle Young, helps individuals identify old patterns of behavior, work through limiting beliefs, and ultimately move into a state of balance and abundance. The program marries Eastern and Western philosophies of health and wellness and creates an experiential learning environment that helps you to step into your power. Michelle’s Online Coaching program is designed for anyone looking to find balance and step into their potential.

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How it Works

My Vinyasa Practice’s Online Coaching Program teaches the psychology of the mind as taught in the Yoga and Mindfulness traditions. This foundation paves the way for integrative skills practice that coaches each participant through freeing themselves of limiting beliefs, old patterns, and relationship traps. Our program is designed to help you come home to yourself, cultivating a relationship with your experience that fosters the felt sense of wholeness and peace.

Over the course of six weeks you will learn how to identify your heartfelt desires, and how to use them to manifest abundance and joy in your life. Upon registration you will receive a welcome letter from Michelle, intake forms to help facilitate your initial video consultation, and access to our client access portal. Within the client access portal, you will find guided skills practices, videos, podcasts, and support material that will facilitate your training.

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

  • Six weeks of guided skills practice
  • Weekly one-on-one calls with Michelle Young
  • Weekly email follow-ups and feedback
  • Access to My Vinyasa Practice’s private international, online community of teachers, therapists and health and wellness professionals

Plus, the Ability to…

  • Identify essential values
  • Map behavioral patterns
  • Practice compassionate self-forgiveness
  • Cleanse and release energetic blockages
  • Leverage yoga and meditation for balance
  • Utilize positive projection as a tool for manifestation
  • Align essential values and energetic resources
  • Manifest heartfelt desires in all aspects of being

Feel free to reach out to the studio at 512-435-7589 to see if this program is right for you.

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