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Written By Certified Yoga Therapist, Michelle Young

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Certified Mindfulness Coaching

Deepen your practice and become a certified mindfulness coach online from the comfort of your own home. Trainees will learn the foundations of mindfulness, how to facilitate compassionate healing and integration, and how to coach clients towards a sense of wholeness. Trainees will graduate with a deeper personal practice and the skills to irradicate limiting beliefs and help clients step into their potential.

Our training are written by Michelle Young, a certified Yoga Therapist specializing in eating recovery, behavioral health, and cardiac rehabilitation. Michelle holds a M.Ed. in Education and Curriculum Development and has over 35 years of meditation experience and 20 years of experience practicing and teaching yoga.

Receive personalized attention, daily opportunities to interact with students and faculty, and one on one yoga therapy, coaching, yoga instruction, and business development counseling FREE. Join us on our app on iOS or Android, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Google TV, and practice with your favorite teachers every day.

Identify The Issue


Whether the issue focuses on relationships, career, money, or time our mindfulness coaching certification will teach you how to coach clients to identify their issues and move past them. Our coaching program is unique to My Vinyasa Practice and integrates elements of spiritual psychology, yoga therapy, mindfulness, and meditation.

Trainees learn to gently guide their clients to understand how upsets in their lives are pointing to insecurities, limiting beliefs, and judgments. From here, clients have a better understanding of why an upset occurred and how to work through the upset towards a state of wholeness. 

Understand Unconscious Judgments 


The judgments we place on ourselves and the world express themselves as limiting beliefs. These limits in our perception hold us back from living authentically. Meditation and mindfulness have been clinically proven to help practitioners release limiting beliefs and step into their potential. In our meditation certification, trainees will learn how to educate their clients on limiting beliefs so that clients can work with them productively.

When we are aware of our limiting beliefs we can begin to choose a different path that creates space for more experience. Our lives are full and we have the capacity to express ourselves authentically. We can let go of the scarcity mindset and invite abundance once we learn to let go of attachments that are holding us back.

Apply The Coaching Model


Our online mindfulness coaching program teaches trainees how to facilitate our unique coaching model which guides clients through a seamless process of identification and self-resolution. Our program is based on the foundations of spiritual psychology, and it includes techniques found in Yoga Therapy to help clients learn valuable self-regulatory tools. 

Trainees participating in our coaching program walk away fully certified as a Mindfulness Coach. We offer internship opportunities through our app and we provide professional development and business coaching to graduates to help them succeed. 

Empowering Clients To Leverage Abundance


We teach coaches to work with their clients to clear limiting beliefs and personal judgments that are holding them in stagnant patterns that limit their potential. Coaches are empowered to empower their clients to see the world through the lens of abundance. Coaches learn to use positive projection to create space for neurolinguistic programing that will eradicate old patterns and help spark new ways of thinking. 

Our mindfulness coaches empower their clients to live their lives in a state of abundance recognizing that anything is possible. Our coaches teach their clients how to create space for abundance, call in wealth and health, and develop the tools they need to manifest their dreams. 

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The MVP Difference










The online library of content is unparalleled. My Vinyasa Practice offers optional LIVE weekend lectures on a range of supplementary topics including accessible yoga, trauma-informed yoga, yoga for all bodies, diversity and inclusion in the yoga industry, starting a yoga business, and so much more. Each weekend lecture is different, and they are all recorded so that students who can’t join in person can participate on their own time. With over 3,000 hours of pre-recorded content in our video library, and new content being delivered in real-time each weekend we are the leader in online yoga and mindfulness content delivery. 

We are committed to being the absolute best online yoga teacher training provider internally because we are the best at facilitating yoga teacher training and yoga therapy training in person. We believe that moving education online is an opportunity to provide absurdly high-quality content at a fraction of the cost of in-person yoga certification. In doing this we are uplifting the collective consciousness.

More Than A Certification

Our online yoga and mindfulness certifications provide teachers with more than credentials to teach; they provide teachers with a breadth of understanding and unparalleled depth of practice. Teachers graduating from our programs are supported with live chat, phone, and email support seven days a week, and we are the only online yoga school providing job placement anywhere in the world. 

Our founder, Michelle Young, holds an M.E.d. in Education and Curriculum Development, is a C-IAYT Certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapy, a 500-hour E-RYT registered through Yoga Alliance, and an RPYT & RCYT offering both prenatal and children’s yoga in Austin, TX. Michelle has been practicing and achieving states of meditation for over 35 years and has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 20 years. Every program written and facilitated through My Vinyasa Practice is authentically produced, accessible for all levels, and affordable to meet our students where they are financially. 

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