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LIVE Stream Classes

Online Yoga Classes

Access online yoga classes in our online studio. Our studio offers LIVE streaming classes daily for a drop in rate of $5 per class or $24.99 for an unlimited month. Build relationships with teachers, ask questions and even get feedback on alignment. Our online classes give you the freedom and flexibility to take your practice with you where ever you go. Our consistent teaching staff will answer questions and give you feedback on your practice so that each time you step onto the mat you can progress towards your goals.

In addition to our online class offerings, we offer a large library of free yoga classes when you register for any of our online yoga courses. We have several free courses, including our 30 Day Transformational Challenge that will help you to establish a consistent personal practice. Members of our free online community receive access to free yoga therapy and coaching appointments with our teaching staff and a ton of free community events including book club, movie night, and free community workshops.

When you purchase an unlimited monthly membership, get access to over 200 live online classes per month! We offer weekly workshops to help you expose yourself to a variety of yoga styles and techniques, and we introduce you to a diverse group of teachers so that you can find the teacher that resonates with you. All of our community members are invited to join our private Facebook group and receive access to their content for life. Paid memberships can be canceled at any time without penalty or loss of previously enrolled content.

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