Finding Stillness: How Yin Yoga Can Help You Relax and Unplug

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Yoga Therapy

Yin Yoga Poses

Are you tired but have trouble finding the time to rest? Your to-do list is never really done. When you sit down to rest, your mind just keeps running. You know you must relax and unplug, but you keep getting caught in the doom scroll. Our world constantly calls out for our attention, bombarding us with stimuli 24/7. It can feel as if there is no space to pause. Thankfully, an ancient tradition called Yin Yoga offers the perfect balance.

Yin Yoga is a practice rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and developed by Paulie Zink, Paul Grilley, and Sarah Powers. According to Chinese Medicine, everything in our universe has yin and yang chi, or energy. Yang chi represents dynamism, activity, and masculinity, while Yin chi represents stability, stillness, and femininity. In Yin Yoga, practitioners are invited to slow down, restore, and rest. Yin Yoga offers the perfect counterbalance to the yang lifestyle. 


Sue Goodly found Yin Yoga later in her life and considers it her midlife resets. “It changed my world!” she exclaimed. Sue longs to share Yin Yoga with others who otherwise shy away from the practice. She is passionate about including all bodies and ages because she knows from experience that anyone can benefit from slowing down, especially those who believe they can’t. Now, she is sharing her personal experience, knowledge, and wisdom to help others through her new online course, Elevate Your Health: The Yin Approach to Wellbeing.


What is Yin Yoga? What are the main principles?

Yin Yoga is a contemplative and deeply introspective practice that involves holding poses for extended periods, typically several minutes at a time. Its main principles revolve around targeting the body’s deep connective tissues, fostering flexibility and mobility. Unlike more dynamic forms of yoga, Yin encourages practitioners to surrender into each posture, finding stillness and allowing the body to gently open over time.


What are the therapeutic benefits of Yin?

The therapeutic benefits of Yin lend themselves to the following: encompassing improved joint health, optimal range of motion, stress relief, and enhanced relaxation through mindfulness. 


How does organ health support emotional well-being?

By stimulating specific organs and meridians, Yin Yoga is believed to support emotional wellbeing by helping to balance associated emotions according to traditional Chinese medicine principles.

What are some common misconceptions about Yin Yoga?

health benefits of yoga

Yin Yoga can be challenging both physically and mentally, requiring practitioners to confront discomfort and find acceptance in stillness.


From your perspective as a Yoga Therapist, who is Yin beneficial for? Are there specific conditions that can benefit from this practice?

The practice is beneficial for a wide range of individuals, including those with sedentary lifestyles, athletes seeking balance, and those managing chronic pain or stiffness. Incorporating Yin into daily life doesn’t require long sessions on the mat; even short Yin-inspired stretches or mindfulness breaks can yield significant benefits, promoting relaxation and stress reduction.


What can folks expect from your course?

In my Yin Yoga course, participants can expect to delve deeply into the practice, learning a variety of poses, techniques for safe practice, and how to tailor the practice to their unique needs. We’ll explore the therapeutic effects of Yin Yoga, drawing on both modern research and ancient wisdom. Additionally, we’ll delve into the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to deepen our understanding of how Yin Yoga can support overall health and well-being. Through guided practice and self-reflection, participants will cultivate mindfulness and self-awareness, both on and off the mat, fostering a holistic approach to wellness.


Can we join you?

Yes, please! Click here to learn more and register for Elevate Your Health: The Yin Approach to Well-Being.

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