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No one starts as an expert in anything; as the saying goes,” practice makes perfect.” However, you need not be perfect in yoga to reap the benefits.

The best place for beginners to start yoga is wherever they feel most comfortable. If you like the idea of creating your own specialized yoga class at home, go for it. However, you may want the guidance of an experienced yoga instructor who can help you with your alignment and poses. 

If you are new to yoga, a prop like a block or yoga strap can work wonders. Read on and discover how to become more comfortable doing yoga, as everyone is a beginner at yoga first.

The Best Place to Start in Yoga: Wherever You Start

If you are a yoga newbie, you may not yet understand its excellent benefits on the mind and body. When you practice yoga, you nurture yourself as a whole person. Yoga is not just about fitness; it is a lifestyle. IT can help with everything from your health and posture to bringing you out of your seasonal depression. It is a practice with ssssssit’s roots firmly planted in Hinduism, Buddhism, and ancient beliefs.

Some of the many benefits of yoga:

  • Boosts cardio and circulatory health
  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Balances metabolism
  • Better energy and vitality
  • Improves flexibility
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Builds strength and muscle

The most critical element in yoga is the breath. The breath guides you from pose to pose. It also helps you efficiently stretch your muscles and ensures you receive enough oxygen throughout your body. Your breath is associated with your inner energy. Proper breathing can help you feel more connected to yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

There are also different styles of yoga you can choose from. If you have an injury or a health condition, it is advised that you avoid practicing specific yoga techniques until you are given the go-ahead from your doctor. You can still become injured in yoga if you practice incorrectly or attempt a too complicated pose too soon.

Easiest Way to Get Over the Beginner Fears in Yoga

The best way to overcome your fears about yoga is to think of it not as exercise, which can be overwhelming to some people who have never done yoga before, but as a way to connect with your mind, body, and spirit. It can is easier when you start with the breath. Think of deep breathing exercises you can do separately from yoga. They help to ease tension and calm the mind.

You can try yoga that does not involve much movement first, such as armchair yoga. Armchair yoga is when you practice yoga seated in a chair. It is meant to be less intimidating than yoga performed on a mat. It still has many of the same benefits as traditional yoga. Chair yoga is especially good for older folks and those seeking low-impact, gentle exercise.

It offers them a safe way to exercise that is more accessible to them in the sense that they do not need to be super flexible or athletic to be able to do it. It affords the person seated modifications that are suited to their capacities. You should also know that you can count basic stretching as part of your yoga regimen.

More Tips to Get Past Fear

You do not have to do an all-out yoga session for it to be beneficial. You can stretch for ten or fifteen minutes when you wake up to greet the day and maybe meditate a little before bed. All of it falls beneath the umbrella of doing yoga. Deep breathing and stretching are the fundamentals of yoga, and doing them together is a major stress buster. You can also learn basic poses and practice them at home:

  • The mountain pose strengthens abs and legs and helps with balance
  • Sun salute helps align the whole body and stimulates energy
  • The corpse pose helps to relieve muscular tension and relaxes
  • Cat pose helps to strengthen and stretch the spine

The above poses are a few examples of beginner poses that you can try at home before you even set foot in a class. Practicing these poses at home will help you get acclimated to yoga and teach you how to learn enough so that you do not feel like a total amateur when you hit the studio.

You should also remember that no one was an expert at yoga when they started out. Everyone must learn at some point, and you should not compare yourself to others in a class. It will help you overcome the fear and intimidation to think positively and not judge yourself.

Where is the Best Place for a Beginner to Start?

The best place for a beginner to start doing yoga depends on each individual. If you feel more comfortable starting at home, there are some great Youtube videos you can watch and DVDs you can get online that will assist you in your quest to become an official yogi.

If you require proper instruction from someone who will be physically present with you as you are learning, it may be better to get to a yoga studio and take a beginner’s yoga class. Whichever you choose should depend on your comfort level.

What Do I Need to Get Started in Yoga?

When you are new to yoga, you may not know what to do for successful practice. For safety purposes, yoga requires a few basic pieces of equipment. For starters, you will need a good mat. There are a wide array of options. Some things to consider:

  • Length make sure it is long enough to practice poses
  • The width you want something substantial that will prevent injury
  • Material with a non-slip grip is the safest and most preferable
  • Color and design may seem trivial, but you want a color you like, and designs can be fun

There are also props like yoga blocks that help decrease the pressure on muscles and joints. Using yoga blocks may also allow you to get a better stretch. They help support sensitive areas like your back, hips, and neck to help prevent strain or injury. You can utilize a block to help modify more challenging poses.

Yoga straps help with flexibility. They are great for working out tight hamstrings and are the ideal tool for beginners. A yoga strap will deepen your stretch and make it easier to achieve poses that would otherwise be too challenging to tackle.

You want to wear a good pair of yoga pants when you practice yoga. Make sure that they are comfortable and fit well. They should be form-fitting but not too tight. You want a pair of yoga pants that you can wear all day comfortably. You never know when you want to strike a pose.

It is also essential to wear a form-fitting top that will stay on your body and allow for freedom of movement. You want to be able to practice poses without worrying about your shirt not keeping you covered enough. Remember, if you purchase good quality yoga clothes, they will last longer.

Further more you will need yoga mat to practise yoga comfirtably anywhere so, we have a list of Best Yoga Mats on Amazon for you to purchase and start yoga journey.


If you are new to yoga and have never tried it, there are ways to overcome the fear you may have about getting started. Whether you study yoga through Youtube or are bold enough to get to your first yoga class, do not feel intimidated, as everyone is a beginner at yoga first. As a beginner you may also wanna know the Meaning of the Word Yoga actually, consider reading throught our detail information helps you make a clear defination of yoga.


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