Spotlight on Us: A History of My Vinyasa Practice of Austin

by | Dec 26, 2022 | Austin Yoga

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My Vinyasa Practice in Austin is one of the premier yoga studios in the great state of Texas. It has a thriving community in person and online that allows it to reach people around the globe. So what is the history of My Vinyasa Practice in Austin?

If you are in the Austin area and are interested in top-notch yoga classes with one of the most respected instructors, visit MyVinyasaPractice.com or drive by the studio at 109 Jacob Fontaine Lane, Suite 800, in Austin. Read on to learn about the history of My Vinyasa Practice and what they have to offer their students.

Who We Are: My Vinyasa Practice of Austin, Texas

It is only possible to talk about MVP by talking about the woman behind the practice, Michelle Young. She started on her yoga journey in the early 2000s, and since then, she has gone on to mentor thousands in several different forms of yoga and help people heal physically and mentally.

My Vinyasa Practice was Founded to Help and Heal

When Michelle set out to create MVP, she envisioned a site that worked to develop state-of-the-art instruction for online students without exorbitant prices and enrollment. In addition, Michelle embraced her platform and began branching into other forms of yoga and more profound healing methods.

Here are some important facts about who My Vinyasa Practice are:

  • Yoga Types – Michelle has dedicated years of her life to learning different types of yoga and how to instruct them. Initially, she learned Ashtanga before springboarding into her 500-hour certification in Alignment-based Vinyasa. Today she teaches tantric yoga and several forms of certification classes.
  • Therapy – You should also know about MVP’s therapy options. Not only is yoga a way to make your body stronger, but it can be a way to heal from severe mental and physical trauma.
  • Certifications – If you are looking for a place that has several different certifications to attain, MVP is for you. They have several levels of yoga certification and multiple options for online students to choose their path.

Michelle Young has created one of the best and most affordable yoga practices in the United States. Her dedication to different forms of yoga and her devotion to producing high-quality online content makes MVP a potent website for teachers and students.

What We Offer

The offerings at My Vinyasa Practice keep the class listings full and the students learning around the clock. One of the great things about working with Michelle is that she has taught for over 20 years and knows how to construct engaging and informative classes. The offerings are imperative to the practice, and several fantastic courses are available.

Our Studio and In-Person Offerings

The classes at the studio in Austin should be pre-registered, or you could miss out on the high-quality instruction. Remember that your learning style could be hands-on, and if you want to become an instructor, your best interest is with in-studio training.

Some classes that My Vinyasa Practice offers to its Austin studio are as follows:

  • Free Classes – MVP loves their home in Austin, and they show that love by providing free yoga classes to the public. These free classes give the public a taste of what goes on in the studio and entice them to sign up for an additional class or mentorship.
  • Coaching – One of the most important things you get at the Austin studio is coaching with a certified yoga instructor. These coaches know proper cues and will provide instruction that changes your life.
  • Mentorship – If you are lucky enough to book mentorship training at MVP, you are in line for success. The instructors take time to teach proper mechanics and positioning that enables you to teach without the worry of hurting your clients.

Coming into the studio in Austin is a life-changing experience that could be the beginning of your yoga practice or the foothills of your new career. Choosing MVP for your classes in Austin is an impressive bullet on your resume and a surefire key to a successful practice.

Our Online and Virtual Offerings

The online experience at My Vinyasa Practice was built on the idea that you didn’t have to pay large sums of money to get well-produced instructional videos online. As a result, the Online offerings at MVP stack up well against the in-studio training, and many options might not be on the schedule in-studio.

The Online and Virtual offerings at My Vinyasa Practice are as follows:

  • Certifications – The number one reason to choose the online offerings at MVP is the 200, 300, and 500-hour certifications. They are the bread and butter of the online practice and allow people to build a career with the knowledge Michelle Young has cultivated over her twenty years in instruction.
  • Nutrition – Nutrition is one of the bedrocks of a strong yoga practice. The Ayurvedic principles are advanced, and teachers looking to provide more for their students would be remiss to pass on the nutrition courses at MVP.
  • IAYT Yoga Instructor – If you are serious about teaching yoga, having an International Association of Yoga Therapists certification is the key to success. It is an accredited and nationally recognized certification that will get your foot in the door with several high-level yoga studios.

The online offerings at My Vinyasa Practice are enough to keep you busy for your entire career. They have different levels of classes and provide an excellent launchpad for your dreams of yoga superstardom.

How to Get in Touch With Us

Getting in touch with MVP is a breeze. They have links on their website that will get you access to classes, online training, and even free classes. Their online sessions are full of knowledge and will improve your fitness and wellness.

The best way to get in touch with Michelle Young and her team at My Vinyasa Practice is by going to the studio in Austin, Texas. You can give them a call at 512-435-7589 and start the ball rolling.

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