Elevate Your Teaching Practice and Create Lasting Connections

by | May 30, 2023 | Yoga Teacher Continuing Education

Standing Room Only: How to Be THAT Yoga Teacher – Elevate Your Teaching Practice and Create Lasting Connections

In order to be a master yoga teacher you have to have the principles, techniques, and mindset that will elevate your teaching practice to new heights. Sheri and Lori, both renowned experts in their respective fields, have poured their wisdom and years of experience into this book, empowering yoga teachers to create meaningful connections with their students, cultivate supportive environments, and become exceptional guides on the mat.

Meet The Authors

Before we dive into the premise behind the book, let’s get to know the authors. Sheri Fisher is a true powerhouse in the world of yoga and personal development. With an M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology from Atlantic University and a B.S. in Business from Colorado State University, Sheri brings a unique blend of wisdom and expertise to her teachings. As an experienced yoga teacher, she holds a 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certification and a 500-hr certification obtained in 2021. Sheri’s extensive credentials include being registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, and a YACEP: Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.

Beyond her yoga expertise, Sheri is also an Intuitive Life Coach, a Certified Enneagram Coach, an Executive Coach, and Group Facilitator. Her passion lies in helping yoga teachers tap into their power, passion, and purpose, enabling them to deliver extraordinary yoga classes with ease, grace, and confidence. With Sheri’s guidance, you’ll discover how to overcome obstacles, nurture your personal and professional growth, and build sustainable organizations through strategic planning and effective communication.

Lori Holden, M.A., is a dedicated yogi who has found inspiration and guidance from incredible yoga teachers throughout her journey. Since 2007, Lori has embraced the principles of yoga and incorporated them into various aspects of her life. As a parent to two young adults, including one with special needs, Lori relies on the balance, flexibility, strength, and stability cultivated through her yoga practice. Her personal experience and deep understanding of the transformative power of yoga shine through her work.

Lori is also a prolific writer and advocate, known for her highly acclaimed book, “The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption.” Her upcoming book, “Adoption Unfiltered,” set to be published in the Fall of 2023, further showcases her passion for sharing wisdom and empowering others. As the writer behind the award-winning LavenderLuz.com and the podcast “Adoption: The Long View,” Lori has made significant contributions to the adoption community and beyond. Her insights have been featured in publications like Parenting magazine, Kaiser Permanente, and the Huffington Post.

With Sheri and Lori as your guides, “Standing Room Only: How to Be THAT Yoga Teacher” promises to be a life-changing resource. Their combined expertise, authenticity, and dedication to creating supportive and inclusive environments will empower you to become an exceptional yoga teacher. Prepare to delve into the profound teachings within these pages, unlocking the secrets to fostering meaningful connections, refining your teaching techniques, and making a positive impact on your students’ lives.

How To Be THAT Yoga Teacher

“Standing Room Only: How to Be THAT Yoga Teacher,” a comprehensive book written by experienced authors Sheri Fisher and Lori Holden. Drawing from their vast knowledge in the fields of yoga and education, Fisher and Holden provide invaluable insights and practical guidance on how to become an exceptional yoga teacher who holds space for their students.

In this enlightening book, you will discover the Five Pillars of Powerful Teaching, as explained through the Five Cs framework. Each pillar focuses on a crucia

l aspect of teaching yoga, empowering you to create meaningful connections, foster inclusivity, and make a positive impact on your students. Let’s explore the transformative journey within the pages of this book:

  1. Communication: Learn effective communication techniques to connect deeply with your students. Gain the ability to “read the room” collectively and individually, allowing you to respond intuitively to their needs.
  2. Character: Set the tone and atmosphere for your classes, drawing from your authentic self. Discover how authenticity and genuine presence can enhance your teaching and create a welcoming space for your students.
  3. Connection: Build a strong sense of community both inside and outside the studio. Explore the power of meditation and trusting your intuition, enabling you to forge deeper connections with your students and create a supportive network.
  4. Commitment: Develop a high level of commitment to yourself, your students, your fellow teachers, and the studio or fitness facility where you teach. Embrace dedication as the foundation of your teaching practice.
  5. Consideration: Embrace compassion and inclusivity as you cater to the diverse needs of your students. Discover meaningful ways to teach all individuals, ensuring that each student feels seen, supported, and valued.

Throughout the book, the authors weave together the Mind, Body, and Soul of yoga teaching. You’ll find guidance on cultivating a growth mindset, mastering clear cueing and intelligent sequencing, and engaging in self-reflection to embody confidence from within.

Whether you’re a new or experienced yoga teacher, “Standing Room Only: How to Be THAT Yoga Teacher” is an invaluable resource. It offers practical advice on creating a supportive and inclusive environment, while providing insights on sequencing, cueing, and adjusting. With its emphasis on building meaningful connections and fostering a transformative yoga experience, this book is a must-read for anyone passionate about teaching yoga.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your teaching practice and make a lasting impact on your students. Get your copy of “Standing Room Only: How to Be THAT Yoga Teacher” today and embark on a journey of growth, connection, and exceptional teaching.

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