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Yoga is an excellent practice for the mind and body but can lead to injury if it isn’t done correctly. The movements and breathing patterns are critical to correct form; if you don’t have good form, you could injure yourself. So is there a right and wrong way to do yoga?

The names of the poses and breathwork could be difficult for the new practitioner to understand. In addition, the movements must be executed correctly, or you will face severe injury and muscle imbalance that plagues your exercise regimen. So read on and learn if there are right and wrong ways to do yoga.

Is it possible to do Yoga Wrong?

There’s a reason that people should attend yoga classes taught by a yogi with an accredited certification. If the teacher is unqualified, they could fail to give the correct cues to the students, and they could face muscle strains or tears. So choosing a yogi/yogini that is safe and effective is critical to your progress and health.

Can Injuries Occur in Yoga?

While the types of yoga you practice could not be high-impact or challenging, there is still a possibility that you could face injury. However, there are things you can monitor to ensure you are doing the poses correctly, and by researching, you get an idea of what those cues and positions are.

Some things to look out for when doing yoga are as follows:

  • Breathing – When going through the poses, you must have controlled breathing. Concentrating on inhaling for a count of five as you slowly move into a pose is recommended using only the nose—no mouth breathing. In addition, holding your breath during the poses can lead to strains on your lungs and a rise in heart rate.
  • Positioning – Doing yoga poses could be harmful if you don’t know the proper positions to take when posing; for instance, If you are in downward dog, your back should form a straight line from hips to hands. If the back is rounded, you face the possibility of straining your back.
  • Support Props – One of the most valuable things in a yogi’s arsenal is aids to help new practitioners get into poses. If you don’t take advantage of these props initially, there is a good chance you could injure yourself and derail your progress. On the other hand, these props help you progress; not using them could mean severe injury.

Knowing how to control your breath, the correct positions, and using support props when available are all ways to ensure a healthy yoga session. As you begin yoga, you must use a qualified or well-respected teacher on media platforms like YouTube.

Is Yoga Just Postures, or does Breathwork Count?

Breathwork isn’t something people associate with yoga injuries. However, holding your breath is a huge no-no. By neglecting the body’s oxygen, you force your heart rate up, could lose consciousness, and faceplant during a pivotal pose. Therefore, Breathwork is extremely important to have a safe yoga practice.

How can I Learn to do Yoga the Right Way?

Learning the ins and outs of the ancient practice of yoga can be hard on someone new to the training and unsure about where to go or who to trust. Tons of sites and videos can give insight into how yoga works and provide information to protect you from injury. However, there are some things that you should look for when choosing a teacher that guarantees safety.

A Yoga Studio’s Qualifications Mean Everything

Just like when hiring an IT person or brick mason, you want to know what your yogi is capable of. By checking their credentials and attending the studio, you get a fantastic idea of how everything works and a glimpse of problems. Always remember that safety and knowledge are the two most important things a yoga studio can provide.

Some things to look out for when choosing a yoga practice are as follows:

  • Accreditation – One of the most important things to consider when choosing a yoga practice is accreditation. The yogi or yogi in charge of the classes should have a nationally accredited certification. These certifications are often involved in courses that ensure teachers know their stuff.
  • Audience – If you want to choose a teacher online or on YouTube, you should ensure that they have a large audience. Larger audiences often reflect the teacher’s ability to have a practice that promotes proper form and safety.
  • Type of Yoga – Another critical factor in learning yoga the right way is the type of yoga you want to practice. Hatha yoga is one of the most common types, and it is a low-impact practice that allows you to find your footing before moving into more challenging, more strenuous forms of yoga, like Ashtanga.
  • Practice – If you want to attend a local yoga, you should research the practice. Attend a class as an observer, talk with the students, and speak with the teacher. You must ensure that they train correctly, and by asking about injury and soreness, you can understand how the practice is run.

Choosing a yoga practice is vital for your health and well-being. Do your homework and investigate the teacher or studio before you make your decision. You want to avoid joining a practice with a history of injury or a teacher who is self-taught or not certified and accredited. Choose a yoga studio like you would choose a doctor or lawyer.

Following all the good ways and doing it correctly comes with health benefits of yoga anyone could have and make their life health and peaceful.


There are right and wrong ways to do yoga. One of the best ways to find out if a practice has a history of injury is by talking with the students and researching them online. Customer reviews are a revealing look at what a practice does, and if the teacher isn’t accredited, you must pass until you have a teacher you know has the proper training.

Injuries occur in yoga because of poor form when exercising and holding your breath while practicing. These movements could cause muscle strains or tears, and the lack of breathwork could force you to lose consciousness or severely limit your ability to move functionally. Injuries do occur if you are practicing yoga incorrectly.


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