Stepping Into The Light

by | Jan 1, 2018 | Yoga at Home, Yoga Therapy

The New Year is traditionally a time when people reflect on the past and set course for the future. It’s a time of self study, of inquiry into the nature of growth that keeps each one of us in our unique trajectory. This year, I find myself reflecting on humility, on solidarity, and on gratitude for the life I live. As we embark on the new year, with its infinite expansive horizon, may we reflect on our practice and reestablish that which is truly our natural state of being–balance.

I have the dharma I have ironically because of my karma. My career as a yoga teacher and teacher trainer is an exercise in my passion for yoga philosophy and spiritual studies. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to teach philosophy, history, and the practice of asana, and ultimately it helps me to calibrate with the Wisdom teachings. This intellectual compass keeps me refreshed and renewed in Universal Consciousness.

That said, sometimes my doing mind (my ego) likes to busy the mental fluctuations with more activity. The yoga Sutras of Patanjali talk about the “doing” as Rajas, one of the three Gunnas that make up our experience. Tamas, or a lack of doing, is the opposite of Rajas. The sweet spot in between in Sattva. This year, I’m going to practice letting go of the Rajas, and sit in the Sattva.  Maybe I’ll make time to dive into other popular sutras but this will be my focus now.

For me, this is a delicate balance of intention and letting go. I have to intentionally make choices that are going to support me through seasonal shifts, while acknowledging that I have certain patterns and groves that predispose me to certain behaviors. I have to be aware and apply mindful observation to my physical, emotion al, and intellectual states of being in a compassionate way that reframes and helps to foster new positive experiences where once there might have been trauma. This turns generalized self awareness into a spiritual practice of healing and health.

I’m starting with warm water, fuzzy socks, kitchari, and tea. I’m so grateful that the holidays went smoothly, that we are all healthy, happy, and warm. This year, may we all spend a little less time looking for the light and more time basking in it.


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