The Breath of the Eternal

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Yoga Philosophy & History

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I feel extremely connected to the second chapter of the Upanishads, Kena. In this chapter the Gods are said to be boasting about their talents and accomplishments. They appear to forget that they are not doing anything, that their power and force is a direct force of Brahman. They take credit for their accomplishments and ultimately embody a sense of vanity. As the story goes, Brahman appears, but is not recognized by the other Gods. They approach him in an effort to learn more about him. The exchange between the Supreme God, Brahman, and the aspects of Brahman showcased in the other Gods is a rich showcase of immortal arrogance.

Each God approaches Brahman, and each God is asked to showcase their talent, yet Brahman prevents their success. Finally, the God’s realize that the mysterious God they are speaking to is Brahman. This chapter is a foundation of my personal belief and faith. It states that nothing within us comes by our works alone. Our talents, our experience, our dreams, our fruits are all of Brahman.

In the Vedas Brahman is the Supreme God, encompassing all aspects of God. When we begin to see ourselves as manifestations of Brahman, an avatar for the Divine qualities within our very fabric, then we can begin to live in harmony with our experience. When we mistake the fruits of our experience for our own work, our own talents, our own knowledge, we live in vanity. Our relationships become strained and our message becomes watered down.

Today, I would like to invite you to listen to the reading I recorded of Kena, and consider how your life is the canvas of God. Think about the aspects of your being that you feel are most connected with your higher calling and purpose, and allow yourself to meditation on this qualities with gratitude and joy for the experience. Rest humbly in the awareness that you are one of the many faces of God. Podcast Link

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