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Yoga is an exercise form practiced by over 300 million people worldwide. It has seen substantial growth in the last fifteen years, and every city in America has a yoga studio. Yoga teachers range from local recreation center classes to So, where is yoga most practiced?

The stats surrounding the ancient practice of yoga can be mind-boggling. However, the numbers for how popular the exercise form has become will give you second thoughts about other activities and how beloved they are to the population. So read on and discover where yoga is most practiced!

Where is Yoga Practiced the Most?

Yoga has been around since 500 B.C., and countries around the globe have leaned into it to keep their populations healthy and their minds free from clutter. Yoga began in India, but some countries have overtaken its numbers and have some devoted practitioners.

The countries with the most people practicing yoga are as follows:

  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • United States

The stats surrounding yoga practice show that it has become more popular than golf. In addition, there are subsets of the population who dominate the field and types of yoga practice that are favored above others.

Canada is the Largest Yoga Practicing Nation

The people in the Great White North are into yoga. They have a large population that is geared toward outdoor activities and wellness. Canadians are tough people who endure long winters that require them to get their exercise indoors and often from yoga.

Some of the facts about Canada and Yoga are as follows:

  • 20% of Canadian people practice yoga.
  • Canadians use yoga as a mix of exercise and therapy.
  • British Columbia is the province that does the most yoga.

Yoga in Canada is a serious business. The people there lean on yoga studios to keep them limber and stress-free while leaning into the active lifestyle that makes Canadians stand apart from the rest of the world.

Singapore is a Fantastic Country for Yoga

One of the hidden gems of this planet is Singapore. They have a small and fertile country that is a jewel in the crown of Asia. It has some amazing landscapes and architecture that make the islands congeal into a fantastic location for yoga and exercise.

Some of the reasons that Singapore is great for yoga are:

  • Sights – Singapore is a country that cares about yoga and the folks who practice it. They have several locations for yoga classes that are perfectly positioned to see the amazing sunrise and sunset along the coast.
  • Activities – Yoga isn’t meditation. It is also an active event that allows you to interact with classmates while burning calories. Some events in Singapore will enable you to hit a yoga class and then do an activity like meditating or running with your classmates.

Singapore might not be one of the countries that spring to mind when you think about yoga, but they have a strong base of practitioners that make yoga an active form of exercise to balance out the meditation that makes some folks shun the art.

Australia is Another Great Country Location for Yoga

Australia is a continent full of wonder. It is filled with epic landscapes and fantastic beaches that are among some of the world’s most extraordinary. In addition, there are yoga classes that take advantage of the scenery and wildlife of Australia.

Some facts about yoga practice in Australia are as follows:

  • Aussie Rules – Yoga is practiced by around 3% of Australia’s population, making it more popular than Australian rules football. Aussie Rules is the opposite of a yoga session, but the people choose the ancient practice more readily than most other exercise forms.
  • Home Practice – Around 12% of the population of Australia has participated in a yoga session of some form. One of the most common ways to do yoga in Australia is having a home practice where a yoga instructor could visit their home or a separate location. Read more on Tips for Practicing Yoga at Home.

Australia is important for people who like to practice yoga. It has many practitioners and some fantastic locations to practice the art. Also, the lifestyles in Australia make being active an essential part of life, and using yoga is a popular alternative to sports and therapy.

Ireland has a Population that Loves to Practice Yoga.

One of the most informative locations for yoga is Ireland. They have a swath of yoga studios in every county and some fantastic locations that will enhance your practice and unlock the power of meditation.

Some of the reasons that yoga is so prevalent in Ireland are:

  • Locations – The hills and prairies of Ireland are some of the most picturesque. Practicing yoga meditations on a hillside full of flowers is a fantastic way to increase your love of yoga and unleash the power of your mind.
  • Practice – No matter where you are on the island, you can find a yoga practice. Another reason that so many people do yoga in Ireland is that it has tons of interactive maps to lead you to the hotspots across the country.

Ireland is a green country that loves to enjoy the countryside and a good yoga session. The people in cities love to choose yoga as their form of exercise, and there are so many options to practice across the country that your head could spin.

The United States Loves to Practice Yoga

More than 30 million Americans practice yoga daily. One of the first places that yoga began to spread was on the West Coast in San Francisco. Then, as Indians migrated to the States, they brought the ancient art that honed their minds and bodies.

Some facts about yoga in the United States are:

  • Yoga practitioners are primarily female.
  • Yoga is more popular than golf in the United States.
  • Apparel for yoga is a billion-dollar industry.

The United States takes bits of other cultures and recreates them. For example, yoga was once shunned as a religious art, but today there are yoga studios in most towns. In addition, the US has become a hotbed of instructors that have trained people around the globe.

What does it Mean to Have a Yoga Practice?

Having a yoga practice means using the art for therapy and exercise, or you are an instructor with a thriving studio. Yoga practice is critical because it gives the practitioners a place to work on their art and the instructors a way to pass on the ancient knowledge of yoga.

How Long do Most People Practice Yoga Daily?

The average session is 60 minutes. Some forms of Bikram could last 90 minutes, but these classes will have a disclaimer or notice. In addition, if you are trying to get licensed as an instructor, you could have classes that top the 120-minute mark.


People everywhere love to practice the ancient art of yoga. While some might think India has the most practitioners, the large population dwindles the number of users below many other countries. Some are only a quarter of the size of India.

Yoga worldwide is a thriving form of exercise that people of all ages, genders, and skill levels can undertake. By knowing what your location offers, you set yourself up for an activity that clears your mind and pushes your body.






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