How To Balance A Pitta Dosha

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Ayurvedic Nutrition, Nurturing Your Practice

Balancing Pitta Dosha

Balancing pitta dosha is an important part of maintaining a personal practice. The Pitta dosha is often considered to be the dosha type of moderation. This is because of their emotional and elemental characteristics. This dosha’s primary elemental makeup is fire and water. This combination of elements recycles the body’s inner fire and motivates any individual with this dosha type. A person with this Dosha reflects fire and water in all layers of the Panchamaya Kosha System. These layers include the Annamaya Kosha, the “physical or gross body”. The Pranamaya Kosha, “the breath body”. The Manomaya Kosha, the “mental body”, the Vijanamaya Kosha, the “wisdom body”. Lastly, the Anandamaya Kosha, the “bliss body”. 

A Pitta generally has a physical body type that is of medium size and weight. A Pitta dosha type individual expresses moderation in many of their characteristics. They can have a warmer natural body temperature because of the inner fire of their makeup. Oftentimes, a Pitta will have red or unique colored hair that is thin and soft. 

This inner fire and recycling of energy within the body of a Pitta dosha type keeps the prana flowing. This means good circulation, and moderate energy levels. Not too hyper, but also not too sluggish. 

A Pitta generally has a personality type that can be considered passionate, intellectual, focused and precise. Because of this, they make excellent leaders, speakers and have strong organizational skills. Individuals with this dosha type can be very goal-oriented and sometimes overwhelming with their direct nature. A Pitta dosha personality type embodies the archetype of “Leader”. 

Signs and Symptoms of Pitta Imbalance

Nature has given the Pitta dosha the characteristics of Hot, Light, Intense, Sharp and Acidic. Like all Dosha traits, these characteristics manifest themselves in all layers of the body. When an individual with a Pitta-type dosha is in balance they embody the traits of Bright, Warm, Friendly, and Leader. A Pitta in balance makes good decisions and also has a healthy digestive flow. This allows them to be in a full expression of their embodiment and show their natural talents and charisma to the world. 

When an individual with this Dosha is out of balance, these traits change, and are expressed as Angry, Irritable, Judgmental, and Bossy. These traits can also manifest in the body as dis-ease and can lead to skin rashes, burning sensations within the body (from high acidity) and an over or under productive digestive system. Many out of balance Pitta dosha types will experience hot flashes and crave foods that encourage the imbalance of their system. 

This type of imbalance can be caused by overworking and too much stress. If a Pitta dosha puts work and career over personal health and essential values, then they will move into an unnatural state. This state can be worsened by eating spicy foods and allowing their bodies to over heat during regular and strenuous activities. A Pitta is constantly searching for change and accomplishment, even if they sacrifice their health along the way. 

How to Balance a Pitta With Diet 

An imbalance in a Pitta’s diet can be caused by over or under indulging. When a Pitta places work related priorities over their health they might reach for quick foods that are low in nutrients and high in calories. Some may not even allow time to eat at all. To balance this a Pitta should incorporate more cool, raw foods and fresh greens into their diet. 

A person with a Pitta dosha type personality should do everything they can to balance out their inner fire and keep it from consuming them. This means avoiding foods heavy with spice, and salt. This can also be achieved by eating foods that are room temperature, or barely heated. 

How to Balance a Pitta with Lifestyle 

If a Pitta’s inner fire has grown too large, this can manifest itself in the emotional body as anxiety. Imagine becoming too hot on a nice sunny day. All of a sudden, the sun is not so friendly and warm, but is now the source of your emotional and physical stress. This is what it is like for a Pitta when they express anxiety.

An individual with this dosha type can cool down and release anxiety by wearing breathable fabrics that are made of natural fibers. Such fabrics include linen, and cotton. In addition to this, bright colors and smells can liven up a Pitta personality while keeping the warming sun-rays at bay. 

Listening to soft rhythmic music while working can help a Pitta slow down, and focus on one task at a time. 

How to Balance a Pitta with Yoga 

A Pitta out of balance may feel anger and resentment in their Yoga practice. They may feel like they are never able to achieve their “goal” in their practice. Because of this, they may totally avoid their mats or on the opposite side, spend too much time trying to become perfect. 

To pacify these feelings a Pitta should incorporate restorative practices into their Yoga routine. These restorative practices will encourage the body to release and let go of the need for constant change and stimulation. A Pitta could also add Yin Yoga to their practice. The practice of Yin Yoga allows stress and tension to be released from the body in a way that is cool and calm. 

Recommended Yoga Poses for Pitta

Outdoor Yoga, Nose and Mouth Breathing to release heat

Spinal Twists

Forward Folds 


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