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by | Jul 29, 2022 | Nurturing Your Practice

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There are several choices to become a mindfulness coach online, making it somewhat difficult to find a fitting program. Most people search for affordability, while others look for authentic certification programs. Some people exclusively search for accessible programs, where they can learn online, at their own pace.

Thankfully, My Vinyasa Practice offers an online mindfulness coaching program that caters to all individuals. At MVP, you can complete a mindfulness coaching certification at your own pace, making the training accessible whenever it fits in your schedule. Aside from offering accessibility, MVP’s online yoga courses are one of the most authentic and affordable in the world. While others may charge double, triple, or more for the same certification, MVP has you covered. You may choose to pay in full and save 50% off tuition, or pay in installments over 4 months. Yoga Alliance recognizes 100 CEUs for MVP’s mindfulness coaching certification, and you can start coaching immediately upon completion.

You may wonder what it entails to become a successful mindfulness coach. Chances are, if you’re interested in becoming a mindfulness coach, you enjoy serving others. You may be a yoga teacher or healthcare provider interested in adding mindfulness coaching to your skill set. Or you’re neither and mindfulness coaching is a new endeavor of yours. If your heart is in the right space and you enjoy working with clients one-on-one or in groups, this certification is for you. Not only does it prepare students to coach others, it also invites an exploration of mindfulness in their own lifes. A successful coach begins with self work and then shares this knowledge of mindfulness with others. Surely you have heard of the saying ‘Practice What You Preach’, the same applies to coaching. Without applying mindfulness tools to your own life, would you really be able to share this skills set with others? The best mindfulness coaching certification begins with an inventory of your own values, perceptions, and belief system. Some people struggle with limiting beliefs and are searching for their true potential. A mindfulness coach assists others in overcoming their limiting beliefs and helps them realize their potential. Energetic blockages, like in chakras, or limiting beliefs can cause discomfort in the mind and even the body. Mindfulness tools can be easily integrated in daily life to let go of these beliefs. It also helps foster more balance by unblocking chakras, or energy centers within the body. Certified mindfulness coaches empower others to heal themselves during their sessions, so that these skills can be applied outside of appointments.

A mindfulness session may include breathwork techniques, journaling, or guided meditations, such as reading from Yoga Nidra Scripts. Some clients may need help establishing a mindfulness routine to change neural pathways through repetition. Thoughts, feelings, and judgements can be managed through mindfulness, especially if practiced often. You will see that even the least mindful individuals can be coached into mindfulness. It may take a few more sessions for these groups but it is more than possible. Mindfulness tools learned in an authentic, quality program, are scientifically proven to lay pathways to wellness and self-awareness. Whether you’re interested in learning mindfulness skills for self-growth, or you’d like to coach others, MVP’s certification will help you reach your goals with ease. Still unsure? I invite you to look into the specific curriculum outline of MVP’s mindfulness coach certification. It will explain in great detail what you’ll receive, how the program takes place, cost, current promotions, and more. Don’t worry if your question isn’t answered online, just give us a call and the staff will try to accommodate you. Those who practice mindfulness are living with intention, and mindfulness coaches empower clients to do the same.

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