Cleansing Your Energy Field

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Nurturing Your Practice

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Cleansing your energy field is a practice you can implement multiple times a day. Energy cleansing is a great way to practice self-care by addressing the subtle energetic layers of the body. Somatic experiencing, deep breathing and visualization are some examples of energetic cleansing practices that can be added to your yoga practice or used alone throughout the day.

Cleansing your energy field helps keep your energy channels clear so you can be more present moment to moment. In yoga philosophy, vairagya, or non-attachment is to flow effortlessly from one interaction to another with the awareness that what you need is always in and around you. Cleansing your energy field allows for vairagya to become second nature. When you practice energetic cleansing, you learn to let go of energy that no longer serves.

Below is an example of what cleansing your energy field might look like from beginning to end. Keep in mind this is one of many ways you can cleanse your energy field and that there are lots of modalities and spiritual energy training out there that can help you achieve similar results. Ultimately, checking in with yourself regularly and discovering what works best for you is what’s most important.


Many types of yoga therapy use orientation techniques to bring awareness into the present moment. Take a few moments to breathe and arrive. Notice what you see. Notice what you feel. Take in the temperature of the room and the quality of the light. Allow the soles of the feet or the sits bones to be connected to the earth, like in tadasana or easy seat. Continue to notice the breath as you soften the gaze and close down the eyes. Begin scanning the body from the feet up, checking in with sensation, adjusting the body as needed, stacking each and every joint all the way to the crown of the head. From tadasana, you may release the hands to the sides and palms forward. From easy seat, release the palms or the backs of the hands to the legs as you continue to stack the spine. Allow awareness to wander, continuously drawing it back to the sensational body and the sound of the breath until you complete the scan at the crown of the head.


From here, begin to visualize a beautiful vortex moving up and through the entire body. Imagine it drawing energy up from the earth and releasing it out through the crown. Notice if it has a color, any movement or light. Become aware of its nature and allow it to move with the breath. Drawing energy upfront the earth and releasing it out through the crown. Dive more into reading Symptoms of Blocked Energy into chakras.


Bring the little finger, ring finger, and thumb together to form prana mudra. Release the tips fingers towards the earth keeping the mudra. Moving with the vortex of energy, inhale the fingers overhead, pausing when they reach shoulders width distance, palms face each other. On the exhale, flip the palms away from you and slowly release the fingers to the earth. Inhale, flip the palms, lift the arms overhead. Pause. Exhale, flip the palms away from you, release to the earth keeping the mudra.


Now, welcome the mantra SO HAM into your vortex. Inhale, lift the arms, think SO. Exhale, lower the fingers towards the earth HAM. This is the I am mantra and it will help center the mind and clear your field. Continue breathing with your mudra, mantra, and energetic field for as long as you like. If you have another mantra or mantra of the day, you can use that here as well.


Release the mudra. Settle your awareness on the space between the brow and notice the breath. Gently bring the hands to the heart center and slowly rub the hands together creating gentle heat. Keeping the eyes closed, gently place the palms over the eyes and notice how you feel. When you’re ready, return the hands to the heart center. Take time to reorient before you close your practice and make way with your day.

Other ways to achieve cleansing your energy field:

  • Bells, bowls, or healing frequencies such as 528 hz or Solfeggio frequencies
  • Incense, sage, herbs
  • Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique

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