Clear & Cleanse An Introduction To Energy Healing

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Nurturing Your Practice

Psychic Energy

When people start talking about energy things get pretty convoluted pretty quick. People’s perceptions of what energy looks and feels like can be quite different. Empaths understand energy to be beyond the physical realm, but the average individual might think of energy as it pertains to the electrical system of a house. Both perceptions are true, but both have very different implications. If we look at the energy in the wall or that lights up our smartphone, we probably wouldn’t feel a need to cleanse it because our perception is that it is neutral. The energy powering your appliances and devices is neither good nor bad, but when we start to talk about people and their intentions or motives, we begin to label energy in ways that imply it can be polarized. 

Energy Cleansing 101

When we look through the lens of yoga, we begin to see that energy in the body is the same as the energy in the wall; it just takes a different form. The energy in the wall is created by the electromotive force that pushes electrons in a current and is the basis of all electrical conductivity. Electrons are inside each one of the elements on the periodic table, all of which show up in our food, water, and air. The electricity that we use to power our devices is the smallest, most basic example of energy transfer. The human body is much more complicated than electrical wiring in a building, but it is essentially the same concept. 

We eat, drink, sleep, and eliminate, and through those processes, we breakdown energy in our digestive system and turn it into different types of energy. Our entire body is a super sophisticated power plant that is constantly burning, converting, storing, and transferring energy. All of this hidden technology inside our body creates energy that helps us to move, interact, think, and create in the world. Let’s call our experience of life “Being” and assume that its a vehicle for self-development. A by-product of “Being” is psychic energy. 

Physical energy produces the ability to think, which activates the emotional, intellectual, and latent recessed memories and these metaphysical thought patterns are the psychic energy that drives us unconsciously in our habitual patterns. This psychic energy is very powerful and can influence our decisions, can be projected to others, and can cause disease in the body. They say energy flows where attention goes, and they’re right. If we’re thinking about negativity and things we perceive as bad, those thoughts will influence us. If we think about things that we perceive good, then those thoughts will also influence us. 

Energy Cleansing - Energy Cleansing 101

Why It Matters

Other people can feel our energy. We emit energy like pheromones and, most of the time, are unaware of the energy we are sending out into the universe. Like increases like, and when we are perpetuating a pattern of thinking, we tend to invite the same types of patterns into our lives. It’s a manifestation of the energy we are emitting. For most of us, this is relatively benign. Our lives are a rollercoaster of ups and downs that balance out eventually. But for some polarities and extremes can be debilitating. 

Our psychic energy field makes up our aura. Some people can see auras, and some can feel them, but everyone, regardless of awareness, perceives them through proprioceptive receptors in the shoulders and hips. We might not be aware of what we’re picking up on, but when we’re around someone with a particularly bright aura, we tend to be more open and engaging. When we’re around someone who has a particularly dim aura, we tend to be more guarded. When we’re around someone who has a guarded or retracted aura, things tend to be more awkward. 

Depending on your personality, you may be vulnerable to other people’s energy, and you might even take some of it with you. People who internalize and take other people’s problems as their own often take on the energy they have been exposed to. This can be dangerous if the person is unaware and not taking steps to cleanse their energy. That’s why it’s a good idea to be aware and to check in with yourself frequently throughout the day. 

Taking Steps To Clear & Cleanse

It’s not necessary to have a clear understanding of what you have taken on that is not yours, that’s a skill that comes with practice and time. But it is helpful to check in with your body throughout the day to see how you’re feeling energetically and to cleanse your energetic field as needed. Taking a moment to sit quietly and scan your physical body for any sensations of discomfort, fatigue, or malaise will alert you to any energetic precipitation that might be manifesting in the physical body. You might move through to the emotions and intellect to see if there are any troubling thoughts or worries. Once you have developed a clear picture of your energetic state, you can begin to cleanse yourself using whatever method works best for you. Below are a few different methods that are effective at clearing your energy and revitalizing your sense of Self. 

Sage Your Space

Fire has been used for centuries to cleanse the air and remove negative spirits. Sage is one way you can incorporate the element of fire into a cleansing ritual that will leave the air purified and fresh. White sage is the most effective at eliminating ALL energies in a space. It creates an open and welcoming environment. You simply light the end of a sage bundle, allow it to burn for a moment, and then blow it out, fanning the smoke around the room to remove any polarized energy. You might want to hold an abalone shell under your sage just in case embers fall. Be very careful with sage. Always extinguish it with water and never leave it unattended while still smoking. 

Air and either come together when we use sound to cleanse a room. Sound clearing raises the vibration of energy in the room to a particular note that is in tune and of elevated frequency. Sound cleansing can be very effective when you’re in an environment where you can’t burn incense or candles. When the yoga teacher starts class with Om, they are cleansing the space and elevating the room’s vibration to the vibration of Om. Traditionally done in rounds of three, this is very effective in clearing the space and creating space.

Water and earth come together in rosewater, a solution that has been used for centuries to cleans both the air and the earth in sacred spaces. Spritzing rosewater is also a delightful way to cleanse the energy of the space and raise the vibration. Insurance has also been used for energy cleansing. 

Crystal grids can also provide both cleansings and balancing when incorporated into a space. They can be used to reinfuse the desired frequency in a recently cleansed space or to amplify certain frequencies. Salt can also be an excellent purifier both in water and in various locations in the house. 

Energy Cleansing - Sage Your Space

The Results

After cleansing your energy and your space you should feel a sense of lightness and release. You might feel like the space is a bit brighter or, like moving in the space is more effortless. If you still haven’t gotten the results you are after, you can do a full-body cleansing by first bathing in a salt bath, followed by a full-body sagging, abhyanga with the appropriate oil for your constitution, and earthing. Energetic cleansing helps you to be embodied without the weight of other’s projected energy. Just one more tool to help you maintain balance and equilibrium in your day to day life!


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