Integrating Yoga Into Clinical Healthcare

by | Jan 6, 2023 | Nurturing Your Practice

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Modern yoga is evolving and changing daily. With innovations in training and applied techniques, yoga is beginning to be noticed by the medical community. Yoga Therapy is one way people are working to integrate yoga into clinical healthcare. With advanced training in Yoga Therapy and the help of organizations like the International Association of Yoga Therapy, IAYT, yoga is becoming professionalized, which has the potential to change the way society views yoga. As the Western world begins to embrace yoga and the philosophy behind the practices it is increasingly important for yoga teachers and yoga therapists to educate the public about the various applications of yoga.

There are certain images that are conjured up when people think of yoga. The symbol of Om, yoga mats and Lululemon are typical images that come to mind when you bring up yoga. Yoga has so many applications and research suggests that yoga and the practices found under the umbrella

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