An Ayurvedic Perspective On Fertility

by | Jan 6, 2023 | Nurturing Your Practice

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Ayurveda looks at fertility through the lens of diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga, and it provides a lot of insight into how our body responds to our environment. From an Ayurvedic perspective, fertility is an intentional process where both man and woman cocreate the perfect energetic field to invite their unborn child into. This puts a great deal of emphasis on preconception and the preparation that comes before conception.

Both males and females play a role in the process of conception, and therefore both have a role to play in the preparatory process. Ayurveda looks at the time before conception as a time to focus on cleansing the body and strengthening the reproductive tissue. This is primarily done through diet and lifestyle modifications. In addition to dietary considerations, Ayurveda puts a substantial emphasis on spirituality and the role it plays in conception. From an Ayurvedic perspective, the anatomy of fertility is equally spiritual, emotional, and physical.

When we decided that we want to conceive, we are shifting our identity from created to creator. This is a profound psychological shift in and of itself. We move from a place of selfishness to a place of selflessness and then this makes space for a new soul to embody our tissues and eventually the world. Of course, this shift in perspective and identity doesn’t always take place. Sometimes we are ill-prepared for pregnancy or even parenthood and we are forced to play catch up due to circumstances. In all cases, Ayurveda has tools that can support our process and help us to rest in a place of balance.

As with anything, timing is everything. Timing, or Rtu helps us to evaluate our readiness to conceive. When we’re ready to conceive our bodies, minds, and households are in harmony.

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