The Dharma of a Mom

by | Apr 2, 2017 | Nurturing Your Practice

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the beautiful simplicity of life as it relates to the relationships we are called to play out. Our children are our biggest mirrors, and they present countless opportunities to step into an Awakened state of being. I have three: John who is 12, Charlie who is 11, and Alexis who is 9. All three of my children are kind, compassionate humans that know first and foremost that they are Divine beings having a human experience.

From the time my children were small I have been applying the principles and practices of yoga philosophy and mindfulness. Mindfulness is defined as observation without judgement, and it is the fundamental principle to Awakening into a higher state of consciousness. When my children were small I would use discernment and pause before a responded to their request or outburst. I would check in with my inner compass and determine the most productive way to handle the situation. My rationale was simple; I wanted my children to grow up to be better adults than I am.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pretty upstanding momma, but we’ve all made mistakes and I am certainly no exception. I’ve over reacted a few more times than I care to admit, I’ve fallen on my sword  for the sake of pride, and I’ve said plenty of things I wish I hadn’t. Still, I can see those aspects of my experience, and I can see what drove those behaviors. From this place of clarity I’ve been able to help impart that wisdom to my children in the hopes that they will show up to their relationships with integrity and authenticity.

My parenting style utilizes appropriate stress and the application of compassionate forgiveness of self and others to help teach and model positive communal behaviors to my children. We talk about the reality of this physical world being an opportunity to awaken more fully into a present state of being, and we practice the understanding and realization that all beings are Divine incarnations having an experience.

These principles and teachings have fostered deep bonds in my three children, they have supported my relationship with my spouse as we have worked to care and nurture these children, and ultimately these principles have led me to a place of Self service and selfless service where my daily prayer is to know others and be known in wholeness.

I invite you to join me in striving to integrate mindfulness, yoga, philosophy, and spiritual studies into a scaffolding that will support our families as we transition from youth to adulthood.


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