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Austin is the perfect place for a yoga retreat, but it is also a fun place to go when not thinking about Yoga. There are at least three fun things to do in Austin besides Yoga, and each with its unique twist. Some of the services are at no charge and can be found in the local parks, while others are provided by the locals.

Three fun things to do in Austin besides Yoga are:

  • Disc Golf
  • Ziplining
  • Joining a Biker Gang for a Day

Austin is a unique environment in that the locals take pride in keeping things their way. Austin has a slogan about the city that encourages people to behave in a socially acceptable yet, fun manner. There is a personalized, and individual experience lurking around every positive corner you can imagine in Austin.

Yoga in Austin is great, but where else is there?

Austin is a large area but for those who like to explore outside of the confinements of a large city, there is Bastrop Texas. Bastrop is about thirty-five minutes away from Austin but is home to a variety of unique cultural experiences as well.

The Bee cave is a city that is located close to Austin, that is home to a nice sculpture park. This attraction is only about twenty-five minutes from the heart of Austin.  Bee Cave is an incorporated city in the state of Texas that provides a nice getaway from the big city.

Wyldwood Texas is home to a dinosaur park and also has one of the best zoos in Texas. This zoo has over five hundred wild animals and is small compared to some larger zoos, but well worth the trip. It is wise to book a tour in advance, and some tours start as early as nine-thirty in the morning for around fifteen dollars.

Parks in Austin!

There are several parks in Austin that all provide a stunning experience. Most of the parks in Austin do have several activities to choose from, such as boating, jet skiing, fishing, and even some minor sporting events (disc golf).

Zilker Park is a Three hundred and fifty-acre park that has hiking and biking trails.

This park also contains a swimming pool and boat rentals available. If you do stop by this beauty be sure to take a ride on the miniature train or stop in at the botanical garden for the afternoon. Admission to this park is only five dollars from April through September.

Zilker has the following Amenities:

  • Disc Golf
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Nature and Science Center
  • Springs
  • Hillside Theatre

Zilker park is a large metropolitan park, probably the largest and most well-known park in the Austin area with a ton of contracted amenities available as well.

There are similar parks in the Austin area that also provide their own experiences as well.  The different amenities of these various parks include things like splash pads or even cultural centers for various ethnic groups.

3 Fun Things to do in Austin Besides Yoga

Austin Disc Golf Courses are a Blast

Disc Golf is a sport that involves a disc that a person throws toward a center goal post and tries to land the disc in the goal post within a specified amount of tries. The scoring system is similar to golf, and there are even different starting points depending on the skill level of the player.

Located in the Bartholomew district park, the disc golf course features an eighteen-hole course that is perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

There are several other courses available to play disc golf at various parks across Austin. These parks include places like Zilker, Mary Moore, and Circle C Ranch. Although this is not a complete list, Austin Texas is home to several local disc golf courses that are a blast to play.

Ziplining in Austin at Lake Travis

Ziplining offers some incredibly unique views of everything that Austin has to Offer. High above the tree line at Lake Travis you can zip down the line and experience Austin from above. This is the perfect place to take a selfie in Austin with the lake in your background.

Ziplining is not limited to the daylight hours either, you can book a tour to zip line at night, and still manage to experience all five ziplines. The tour day or night is about three hours long, and the lake will provide all of the necessary equipment to participate.

The tour starts with a subtle boat ride across the lake to where three over-ground zip lines are completed. On the final three zips, you shoot across the lake, and each experience is better than the previous.

Join a Biker Gang for A Day and Tour Austin

Although yourbikergang.com is a service that provides tours of Austin using electric bikes, you can book a tour for an entire group. These guys are the number-one touring service in Austin. The downside is that they only sell tickets in groups of two for the first set in any time slot. You might have to wait if you only want a single ticket.

This biker gang is kid-friendly also, anyone under the age of fourteen rides for free, as long as they are at least forty-eight inches tall.

You do need to wear some comfortable closed-toed shoes and make sure you bring a camera to capture pictures. The tour will not cancel for light rain, and they even provide ponchos. If severe weather becomes an issue your “ captain” will provide instructions to mitigate the situation.

Keep Austin Weird is Their Slogan

There are a lot more things to do in Austin that are not included in this list, we also have a list of Ways to Stay Fit in Austin you might wanna checkout. These activities can easily take up a day, or an afternoon. However, Austin is also home to some unique opportunities to explore the community and get to know the locals. There are a ton of spots that are focused on providing that unique experience that will have you wanting to visit Austin again, and again.

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