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Austin, Texas, is one of the most exciting and active cities in the United States. One thing folks in Austin love to do is exercise. Tons of gyms, parks, and activities will allow you to get out in the sun and make the most of the day. So what are three ways to stay fit in Austin, Texas?

Knowing what activities work best for you could take some research. As the city of Austin is constantly holding festivals and events, it could take some time to find your niche. But don’t let that stop you from getting out there and getting your steps in! So read on and learn the three ways to stay fit in Austin, Texas.

Staying Fit in Austin is Easy

When you get into Austin, one of the first things you notice is how active the population is. They have bike lanes and sprawling parks that are perfect for setting aside time to push your muscles and mind. In addition, the options for your exercise routine go beyond the typical gym workout to encompass some fun and energizing activities.

Easy Ways to Stay Fit in Austin

If you are looking for an easy way to get a workout in or recover from a night on the town, Austin has a few options that make it stand out as a place where they value working up a good sweat before letting their hair down for a good time. In Austin, there’s always something happening, and if you want to stay fit, there are more options than you can shake a stick at.

Some of the easiest ways to stay fit in Austin are as follows:

  • Get Outside – Austin is known for having amazing parks and outdoor spaces for exercise. You can break a sweat and get the most out of your day by getting out of the heat. In addition, parks in the area offer exercise classes that could give you a great workout while enjoying the scenery in Central Texas.
  • Hit the Gym – If a climate-controlled lifting session is your cup of tea, there are gyms across Austin sure to hit all your expectations. There are Crossfit and traditional weight and plate gyms dotted around the city, and you can find the best fit for your goals by doing a bit of research.
  • Yoga – Some of the country’s most sought-after and respected yoga studios are in Austin, Texas. If you want to get in a hot yoga session or wish to continue breathwork practice, there are yoga studios in the city that fit the bill.
  • Explore – While there isn’t an area that specializes in exploring Austin, an excellent way to get burn some tread off your shoes is by exploring the city. Once out, you could find your way into a pop-up class or take advantage of one of the many available bikes and walking trails.

Austin is a hotbed for several different types of exercise; if you are in the area and are looking for a way to get your heart rate up or sweat out the effects of the Music Festival, some options that will help you reach your goals.

The Parks, Jogging, and Bike Trails

Austin has some of the best parks and trails in the state. If you want an outdoor experience that takes advantage of the parks, you should check out Swift Fit Events. They specialize in large groups and corporate wellness events, but their niche is bringing the workout to you. That means you can work out in the park and do some business while you recover.

Something you might not know about Austin is that they have a thriving bike scene. The Biking Guide to Austin is a great way to get your pedals moving and discover where all the cool bikers are getting their miles. One option for sightseeing and getting some exercise is to get a MetroBike which has locations dotted around the city for your convenience.

Great Gyms

Texas has a reputation for doing things big; one of the biggest things they do is lift weights. So to get a fantastic workout and burn 1000 calories, you should visit Barry’s. Dubbed ‘The Workout’, and for a good reason, the home of the original HIIT workout packs a punch with the best trainers and hottest playlist in town.

One of the most exciting things about Barry’s is that they have workouts for running and lifting and a red light room that is out of this world. Each of their workouts will get you primed and ready for a day lounging around the city’s many dive bars or for a phenomenal meal at one of its many highly regarded establishments.

Yoga Studios

If you are in Austin and are looking for top-notch teaching and instruction, you must visit My Vinyasa Practice. Michelle and her team at the studio have been helping folks in the Central Texas area for over twenty years. In addition, they have a thriving online practice that allows you to take classes on the go while being safe and effective.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary in your yoga practice, there are studios around the city that have variations, like Goat yoga. The people at GOGA have a fun and exciting practice that pairs you with a fantastic goat partner that adds some whimsy to your yoga practice.


Austin is a town that has its finger on the pulse of art, commerce, and exercise. There are some exciting places and venues to get a good sweat in the city, and by hitting some of the classes above, you can supercharge your vacation. Here are some other things to do in austin.

Austin is known for being a city that is always on the go. So whether you hit a Goat yoga at BOGA or get your tail kicked by the professionals at Barry’s, there is always another art exhibit to checkout or another band playing at one of the many famous venues in town.


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