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by | Nov 21, 2022 | Yoga Teacher Continuing Education

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Nidra Yoga connects deeper with the inner self than your standard posing yoga studio. Instead, it focuses on a still practice that induces a meditative state, allowing the practitioner to decrease stress levels and reduce anxiety. So, where can you get a Nidra Yoga certification online?

My Vinyasa Practice is an excellent site for learning the Yoga Nidra. The staff is accomplished and has a solid teaching background in several fields. In addition, they have a proven record of teaching 200 and 300-level coaches in the Yoga Alliance and a structure that allows you to advance at your own pace.

Knowing which school to choose for your yoga teaching certificate is stressful in a field that thrives on calm. Don’t let it get you out of your flow! Read on and learn all you need to know about getting your Yoga Nidra certification online.

What does MVP’s Online Yoga Nidra Certification Include?

One of the best things about My Vinyasa Practice’s certifications is all the things you get with them. There’s access to classes and instructions that are the perfect fuel for your Nidra Yoga dream machine. In addition, you have a qualified instructor ready to show you the ins and outs of Nidra.

The Yoga Nidra Certification Instructor is Qualified and Competent

When dealing with online courses, one of the first things you must look for is a teacher that isn’t out to corner the wellness market with a new invention or get-rich-quick scheme. Instead, using the MVP courses and Michelle Young, you get top-notch instruction and years of yoga experience.

Some things that the My Vinyasa Practice Instructor brings to the certification are:

  • Experience – Michelle has been teaching for the last twenty years. Her passion is to create instructional videos that share her wealth in practice and allow coaches to mimic her success and perseverance.
  • Scripts – Great instructors release scripting and instructional practices to their students, allowing them to teach confidently and positively influence their clients and practice. The scripting given at MVP comes from years of forming bonds with students and other practitioners.

Michelle has been building the MVP brand for almost twenty years. Her knowledge and experience will allow anyone who undertakes the Yoga Nidra certification course to thrive in their endeavors and help countless others.

The MVP Yoga Nidra Certification is a Gateway to a Thriving Community

Another great thing that MVP has done is create a community around their certifications and practices. This creates a feeling of belonging and instills a sense of family, allowing people to build attachments that last for years.

A few ways that the community at My Vinyasa Practice helps with certification are as follows:

  • Sounding Board – The community is a great place to try out any new instructions or cues before trying them on your clients. MVP’s access to their online community allows you a sounding board for ideas and guided meditations with feedback from other teachers and students.
  • Peer Support – MVP has a Peer Support group that can answer questions and help you run down information. Unfortunately, this support group isn’t something you will find at affordable prices like the ones at My Vinyasa Practice, and getting them as a freebie is a deal that is too good to pass up.

The community at MVP is full of freebies and extras that you will not find at any other certification platform. The goal is to make high-quality yoga instructional videos that aren’t outrageously expensive. My Vinyasa Practice community is the backbone of its programs and is a fantastic deal for unique yoga content.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a meditative yoga that concentrates on meditations instead of static poses. The instructor will guide the class through sessions that allow them to relax and reach a state between sleep and waking, where they can experience bouts of euphoria. These guided meditations are backed with scientific evidence and have been practiced for generations. There are 8 stages of yoga nidra.

What does a Yoga Nidra Teacher do?

Yoga Nidra is different from other yogas, and the teaching is also different. Some cues and processes must be followed, however, and these allow the instructor to unlock areas in their student’s minds that could help them recover from trauma or get back in the saddle after a training accident.

A few things that a Yoga Nidra teacher does are as follows:

  • Guide – A Yoga Nidra instructor’s most significant task is guiding the practice and their clients. They must learn how to contour their suggestions for a broad audience of practitioners while keeping faith in the psychic sleep that is Nidra.
  • Sankalpa – The teacher must help you identify your Sankalpa or resolve. The Sankalpa is a statement made during that practice that affirms your goal for practicing. These powerful statements allow you to clear hurdles in your mind and the real world.
  • Feelings – One of the most potent tools a yogi/yogini has for clients is their ability to lead them through various feelings. Nidra allows the teacher to induce and remove feelings from a student’s mind by teaching them how to identify the negatives.

Yoga instructors use Nidra like a personal trainer who uses a medicine ball or kettlebell. It is a tool that will allow the students and clients to reach new parts of their fitness and wellness. Coaches should hold a solid Nidra accredited certification, not just a day course certification.


Nidra Yoga is a fascinating practice that has been around for over 1000 years. The practice is a deep guided meditation that allows the students to reach a dream-like state that encourages healing and promotes an environment with less stress and anxiety. It isn’t your typical yoga session and is even backed with scientific evidence as a way to decrease PTSD. 

My Vinyasa Practice has a Nidra Yoga teacher certification that allows you to provide these meditations to your clients. In addition, for a small fee, you are given access to a wealth of Nidra and Yoga information from over twenty years of teaching experience. 

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