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by | May 30, 2022 | Ayurvedic Nutrition, Nurturing Your Practice

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The selection of programs offering to become a certified nutritionist is wide and may be overwhelming to potential students. Schools, studios, retreats, and private educators can offer handing out certificates in any subject, including nutrition. It simply means that after candidates pass an online nutrition program, they will receive a certificate upon completion.

Receiving a certification differs from receiving a certificate. Here, people receive certification as nutritionists and titles upon completion. While some online programs offer candidates to be certified nutritionists after just a few weeks, full certification as a nutritionist may take months or years. These certification programs are accredited by national or state-governed organizations. States regulate what nutritionists are allowed to practice and what their title may be. Credentialing titles after fulfilling a certification program include CNC (Certified Nutrition Consultant) or CCN (Certified Clinical Nutritionist). NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and AFPA (American Fitness Professional Organization) offer national accredited credentialing programs in nutrition.

While these credentialing programs are often costly and take time to complete, becoming a certified nutritionist online is not as expensive, nor as time-consuming. Such programs can’t offer board registration or a title, such as CNC, however, it gives people a taste of what nutrition is all about. Some coursework may even offer completion of certain requirements to become credentialed.

Potential students may want to discover the basics of nutrition for themselves, others may add this foundational knowledge to their existing careers. Yoga Therapists, Wellness or Mindfulness Coaches, and Yoga Teachers may choose to become certified nutritionists online. Stay-at-home parents or health care providers may also sign up for such a program. Sometimes it’s the pure joy in learning that has people seek to become certified nutritionists online. Whatever the reason, upon completion people, will have gained knowledge of nutrition, which can be stored in their wellness or self-care toolbox.

When choosing from programs that offer becoming a certified nutritionist online, we recommend comparing reviews, authenticity, affordability, and accessibility. For example, some online programs may begin and end at specific dates, while others are completely self-paced. Programs may offer specializations in subtopics of nutrition, such as Ayurvedic Nutrition or Sports Nutrition.

Here at My Vinyasa Practice (MVP), we offer affordable, authentic, and accessible programs in yoga, wellness, mindfulness, coaching, nutrition, and more. Our instructors are seasoned professionals which keep up to date on the latest educational insights and trends. Noticing the tendency of integrative and holistic health, we offer a program that offers candidates to become certified Ayurvedic Nutritionists online. Another online program combines Mindfulness Coaching & Ayurvedic Nutrition. Upon completion of either program you’re certified in Ayurvedic Nutrition, and you will understand what it is like to coach clients privately or alongside other health care providers. Ayurveda, also known as an ancient Eastern Medicine, treats the entire body from the inside out. Knowing that a person’s immune system resides over 70% in their gut, shows the importance of eating a well-balanced diet. Holistic nutrition is an excellent tool in boosting immunity.

MVP’s Ayurvedic Nutritionist’s curriculum includes the basics of Ayurveda, nutrition & human body, foundations of Ayurvedic Nutrition, eating disorders & Ayurveda, working with clients, and business & ethics. Students learn how to assess clients’ intake forms, evaluate their dosha, and what ayurvedic nutritional suggestions can be made to promote wellbeing.

Students can access their program whenever they choose and complete it on their own time. Candidates may enjoy our program’s affordability compared to most others of similar authenticity. While we could go on and on about the benefits of becoming a certified nutritionist online with MVP, we’d like to invite you to take a look for yourself.

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