Crown Chakra Vinyasa Sequence

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Chakras, Pranayama & Energy

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What is your crown chakra? Known in Sanskrit as Sahasrara Chakra, the crown chakra is the seventh chakra. It sits at the top of the chakra system connecting us to universal consciousness and ultimate truth. In yogic philosophy, the chakras are subtle bodies, or energy centers, that ascend the spine. 

Represented by a thousand petal lotus as radiant as the sun, the crown chakra can be imagined as a golden antenna capable of transmitting and receiving subtle energy from the universe. It connects us with our psychic abilities and the metaphysical realm of spirit and soul. 

The crown chakra is best explored through subtle practices, like those found in studying the schools of Laya, Jnana, or Bhakti Yoga. Yoga therapists use Yoga as an integrative system to help clients acknowledge wholeness, and may do so by developing an awareness around the crown chakra through breathwork or meditation. If you’re interested in studying the different Schools of Tantra or Yoga as an integrative system in clinical application, you should consider an education in Tantra Yoga or a career in Yoga Therapy

Where is your crown chakra? The crown chakra extends from the length of the spine and blossoms over the soft spot we’re born with at the crown of the head. It exists beyond the physical plane connecting us with Pure Awareness and universal consciousness. In our lineage, it is the place where spiritual evolution and growth take place. Sahasrara chakra can be represented as a violet or clear white light. 

What affirmations are good for crown chakra? Affirmations are positive statements that confirm something to be true. Affirmations are a helpful tool for improving self esteem and embodying certain qualities we endeavor to possess. Affirmations can be added to any yoga routine or used as an accessible part of many self-care rituals. You can introduce affirmations first thing in the morning, before practice, or anytime throughout the day as a way to connect and reground. Affirmations for the crown chakra include:

  • I am a Divine being in an experience – Michelle Young
  • I am connected to source.
  • My inner wisdom guides me.
  • My higher power supports me.
  • The world is my teacher.
  • I see myself in all beings.
  • I am infinite love 
  • I have infinite trust in the universe. 

What poses are good for crown chakra? Awareness of the crown chakra is all about developing a subtle awareness of being, so comfortable poses are best. You could try coming into sukhasana, easy seat, with the inner drishti focused on ajna chakra, at the middle of the forehead, at the space between the brow as a pratyahara practice to help shift awareness to the crown chakra by entering into a state of meditation. Once you settle in, let go of awareness and allow yourself to be in order to see.

In yoga asana, poses like tadasana, forward fold, wide legged forward fold, child’s pose with reverse namaskar (prayer hands with elbows on the earth and thumbs resting at the back of the neck), savasana, and inversions are all good for bringing awareness to this space. Integrative practices, like yoga nidra, can help bring awareness to this space, as well.

Crown chakra vinyasa flow

This crown chakra mini vinyasa flow is a much slower, more cerebral practice that would be best practiced early morning or at night. It could be used at the beginning of a traditional vinyasa practice, or during a new moon or full moon ritual. You should have yoga props such as blocks, a bolster, and a folded blanket or towel to sit on. If you are without blocks or a bolster, a couple of standard pillows will do. Option to keep the eyes closed as often as you like, or to practice with an eye mask or eye pillow nearby. Having a journal with you could be helpful, as well.


  • Come to a comfortable seat. Notice the breath.
  • Roll out the shoulders going one way then the other. 
  • Release the chin to the chest to roll out the neck. Take a few moments for energy to move through the body, noticing if there’s any extra energy being held or stored.
  • Bring your awareness to the breath. Allow it to move in through the nose, out through the nose or mouth, breathing with intention. Use the breath to help you arrive. 
  • Come to stillness with palms pressed together, hands at heart center. 
  • Soften the gaze or close down the eyes. 
  • Option to welcome the affirmation, I am infinite love into your heart. Repeat as many times as you’d like. 
  • Come back to the breath. 
  • Option to inhale fully and to chant Aum for the length of the exhale, bringing awareness to the mmmm. Repeat two more times before enjoying 3-5 intentional breaths. Feel the vibration of Aum in and around the skull, at the space between the brow. Allow it to radiate from the crown.
  • Flutter the eyes open. Arrive. 


  • Come to a tabletop position, finding intuitive movement. 
  • Move slow and steady with the length of the breath.
  • Take a few rounds of cat cow to rinse the length of the spine. 
  • Inhale, lower the navel, lift the gaze, untuck the tailbone for cow pose.
  • Exhale, round the back, gaze to your navel, tuck the tailbone for cat pose. 
  • Repeat 3-5 times.
  • Take a full breath in to find length, exhale to a child’s pose. 
  • Inhale, table top.
  • Exhale, child’s pose.
  • Repeat 3-5 times.
  • Inhale, table top.
  • Exhale, tuck the toes for downward facing dog. Option to soften the gaze and close down the eyes. 
  • Release the crown of the head to the earth. Bend the knees a lot. Spread the fingers wide, pressing down and out through the pinkies edge of the hand. Lift the hips, soften the heart. Gently shake the head left to right. Stay for 3-5 breaths.
  • Inhale, shifting forward to high plank, option to lower down to the knees.
  • Exhale, press back to downward facing dog.
  • Repeat 3-5 times, landing in downward facing dog.


  • From downward facing dog, take a full breath in.
  • Exhale, release the knees down, pressing into a child’s pose. 
  • If it’s available, inhale the palms together and as you exhale plant the elbows and bring the thumbs to the back of the head coming into reverse namaskar, añjali mudrā. 
  • Close or cover the eyes, bringing awareness to the middle forehead, at the space between the brow. 
  • Notice if there’s light or energy there and simply allow it to be. See if you can find it radiating from any place else in the body. 
  • Become aware of the crown of the head. Send the light and energy to the space at the crown of the head. Imagine it radiating in and around you from the crown of the head. Continue to be. Continue to breathe. 
  • Option to repeat the affirmation: I am infinite love. If the mind wanders, continue coming back to the breath and body being breathed.
  • Take your time coming back, making time to sit in sukhasana with eyes closed to reflect on your experience. If this is not an option, journal about your experience to notice what came up.

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