What to Look for in an Online Yoga Studio

by | Sep 25, 2022 | Nurturing Your Practice

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Yoga has become increasingly popular as people look for practices to release tensions, stress, and other feelings of dis-ease. In the past few years, we have even seen the emergence of many online yoga studios. With so many options to choose from, you might find yourself wondering what to look for in a new yoga studio? There are many things to consider from the types of classes they offer to the amount of offerings and pricing structure. With the amount of online yoga studios out there, it can feel overwhelming to find the best yoga studio. This article will breakdown a few different aspects to look for in an online yoga studio that will help your decision feel a bit easier.

Live-Stream & On-Demand in Online Yoga Studios

The best online yoga studio will offer both live-stream and on-demand yoga classes so that students have a variety of options to choose from no matter where they are in the world or when they want to tap into their personal practice. Live-stream classes are wonderful for students who are on-the-go and still want the aspect of practicing in real time with other yogis. They are also perfect for students who want to practice with their favorite studio but can’t make it to the brick and mortar studio. But what if your schedule does not permit taking live-stream classes? Try on-demand classes! On-demand classes are great for scratching the itch to practice literally any time.

Variety of Classes

The best online yoga studio will also offer a wide variety of class types.  It can seem overwhelming if you’re new to yoga or new to meditation but it will make sense shortly we promise!  From vinyasa yoga classes to yoga nidra meditations, the student is always able to find a class that is perfect for them. They will also offer a variety of class lengths! Some yogis are looking to squeeze 15 minutes of self-care into their day while others want to indulge in an hour long or longer class. It can be hard to know what you need ahead of practice time; with a wide variety of class types, you don’t have to worry about being able to find what you need to meet yourself as you are. 

Affordability of Online Yoga Studios

One of the most important factors in determining the best online yoga studio for you is the affordability of its offerings. Everyone should have access to yoga. Just as all students have different asana needs, all students have different financial needs. Monthly memberships, class packages, and drop-in rates are great options to have and offer students but the best online yoga studio will also offer free yoga classes

Some yoga studios might meet one or two of factors listed above but the best online yoga studio will offer it all. My Vinyasa Practice, known for the best online yoga teacher training, has something for everyone to experience.  Via the MVP app, students can access on-demand classes of all types at any time. Need to cool down from your workout? There’s a video for you! Looking for guided meditation on-demand classes? Look no further. My Vinyasa Practice also offers many live-stream classes with experienced and compassionate teachers who are passionate about sharing the practice of yoga. To top it all off, MVP offers free, live weekly yoga classes with top teachers so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of this sacred practice. You can drop in for as little as $1.99 USD per class or purchase a monthly subscription for $9.99 USD a month! Fall in love with the MVP app and purchase a yearly subscription to save TWO MONTHS of fees and spend $99.99 USD. If you are interested in practicing with the best online yoga studio, check out the MVP app for our online offerings! We look forward to practicing with you!

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