Wellness and Technology in Current Times

by | Sep 24, 2022 | Nurturing Your Practice

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The wellness industry has become hugely popular, especially during a time when stress and tensions grew to a high. When everyone went indoors, the need for wellness still existed but it needed a technological upgrade to allow for those not physically close to be able to connect with one another. Uplifting the collective consciousness has become more pertinent than ever and it is now possible to access wellness through technology for those who may not have had access before. Personal practice, online yoga teacher training, continuing education courses, 1:1 consultations and appointments have all shifted to the online atmosphere and connected communities of people with like minded goals and intentions.

There are many ways in which one can achieve wellness through technology, that is the beautiful thing about it. There is something out there for everyone regardless of what they might be looking for. One aspect of wellness is physical movement. Live-stream and on-demand yoga classes allow students to access yoga from wherever they can access the internet. Live-stream classes give the student a feel of practicing in real time with other yogis while on-demand classes hold the most flexibility as they can be started and stopped at any time. Guided personal practice is more accessible than ever! People who are looking to begin or kick start their yoga practice might feel intimidated or overwhelmed at the idea. My Vinyasa Practice offers an Intro to Yoga course to help them feel more prepared to begin their online practice from home!

Self-development can be another aspect of achieving wellness through technology, by helping to keep the intellectual body engaged as you continue to learn new things. What’s in a 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training can be a beautiful tool of self-development, whether you want to teach yoga or just deepen your understanding. Online Yoga Schools like My Vinyasa Practice offer affordable, accessible, and authentic online yoga teacher training. Not only can you find various 200-hour online yoga teacher training or 300-hour online yoga teacher training programs but you can find a whole other host of courses and certifications offered by My Vinyasa Practice listed below:

Another aspect of wellness and technology is being able to consult professionals to support one’s health, well being, and goals. 1:1 consultations are now available online across many fields and professions. You can consult your medical doctor online and meet with your therapist virtually. You can also consult yoga professionals and trainers online, as well! For example, if you are interested in yoga therapy but you’d rather not leave your home to do so, try online Yoga Therapy with My Vinyasa Practice. This allows the client to access the same tools and benefits from wherever they might be. You may want to dive into learning yoga,  We have maintained best safety standards to Opening A Yoga Studio Post COVID .

Technology has received a bad rap in the past; with access to social media, mental health has taken a little bit of a hit. What’s true also is it’s age indiscriminate, so it doesn’t matter if you’re younger and just starting your yoga journey or older and either new or a seasoned yogi in your 50s or beyond.

Comparison can really be a thief of joy. But technology in and of itself is not a bad thing – from a non dual perspective, technology just is. It is what we do with it that gives or takes away its power. If applied appropriately and with discernment, technology is a beautiful resource and tool for self-development, connection, and more. It is easy to see how wellness and technology have uplifted the overall consciousness and well-being of the world. Through connecting people who are geographically far apart to providing informational resources and community, wellness and technology in the current times has opened up the potential for unlimited possibilities. Check out My Vinyasa Practice to experience this shift – from live-stream and on-demand classes to free yoga therapy and 1:1 consultations for students, we are here and passionate about supporting you!

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