Chakra Series – Anahata: Heart Charka

by | Dec 5, 2020 | Nurturing Your Practice, Yoga at Home

Anahata is the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the “bridge” between the three lower chakras of foundation and the three higher chakras of spiritual resonance. Anahata rests in the center of the chest, close to the heart, vibrating “I love” out to the universe. We cultivate compassion, empathy, acceptance, forgiveness, and relationships with others in Anahata. A balanced heart chakra experiences joy, healing, and self-love. 

In tandem with the heart, lungs, and upper extremities, Anahata, the heart chakra, controls blood pressure, circulation, and the health of its coordinating organs. When Anahata is out of balance one might experience trouble breathing, high blood pressure, or poor circulation to the arms and hands. An imbalanced heart chakra can also affect the emotions causing feelings of distrust and unworthiness, manipulative behavior and codependency. If you’re feeling this way, know that, it’s OK! You are loved. And, there are ways to help yourself through it. Read on to find out how!


Plants - Heart Chakra HealingAnahata glows green and can even vibrate up to pink when fully activated. One of the best ways to open the heart chakra using the color green is plants! Not only are we surrounded by the color green, but we are also actively sending love to plants as we care for them. If you aren’t yet a plant parent, start small.

Try a simple vine-like arrowhead plant – all they need is a little water every few days and a nice sunny spot to flourish. As the vines grow, snip them and repot. Want to share the love? Gift your snippings to friends and family.




Heart Chakra FoodsNo shockers here. Green foods are the best way to nourish the heart chakra. Apples, kiwi, and green grapes are awesome fruits for Anahata. You can also enjoy green leafy vegetables to open the heart chakra. A quick go-to is a massaged kale salad.

Place a few handfuls of kale into a mixing bowl then sprinkle a bit of lime juice over top. Using your hands, gently squeeze the lime juice into the kale while breaking it into bite-sized pieces.

Top with avocado, thinly sliced celery, cucumber, green apples, and fresh herbs like cilantro, and parsley. Drizzle on your favorite dressing and enjoy!


Kapittha mudra - Heart ChakraOver time, we may experience a build-up of emotions in Anahata, as we feel through this chakra but often don’t know how to clear it. One of the simplest ways to release these stagnant emotions is through the Hridaya mudra – also great for reducing stress and anxiety! 

If you’re looking to build a greater connection with yourself and with others, try the Kapittha mudra. You may want to sit in meditation for a few minutes with your mind focused on a glowing green light at the center of your chest.




There are several yoga poses that aid in the expansion of Anahata. Most familiar are wheel pose, bow pose, and camel pose. These poses work to open the chest, creating space in the physical body, peeling open the layers of the heart chakra.

Another useful pose is wild thing – it’s a great strength builder, and it’s fun to do!Wild Thing - Heart Opener


Reciting a mantra changes our personal narrative and creates a new pattern of vibration for our lives. Balance Anahata with phrases like “I love myself,” “I accept myself completely,” “I am in a positive relationship with others,” I am open to love and kindness,” I am connected to all that is,” and “I receive love.”

What do you do to balance Anahata?


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