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To understand clairvoyance, we should first define psychic energy. Psychic energy is an example of subtle energy. In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, subtle energy, or subtle bodies, can be understood as vibrations that manifest as thoughts, feelings, matter, Spirit, and light, both consciously and unconsciously. These vibrations can manifest in the gross, physical, or subtle, metaphysical realm. The metaphysical realm consists of the aspects of reality that exist beyond the physical world and our immediate senses.  

Psychic abilities, or siddhis, are subtle powers that are tethered to the metaphysical realm. According to Patanjali, these powers, while not the purpose of spiritual pursuit, can be refined or tapped into by cultivating a humble Ashtanga yoga, or eightfold, practice. You can learn more about Ashtanga yoga by reading the second pada in Yoga Sutras of Patanjali- a collection of four separate padas, or books, that together provide a pathway for Self realization and spiritual enlightenment.  

Vibhuti Pada, the third collection of sutras in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, describes how a dedicated practice can result in, for example, the ability to know the universe, become as strong as an elephant, or to be as light as a feather. These powers can be understood as purely mental, or in some cases, quite literal. 

When we consider clairvoyance through the lens of yoga, it can be described as an inner knowing or deep wisdom that allows for seeing clearly beyond our perceived experience. Connected to source, we can shift from the seat of the do-er into the seat of the observer, allowing for things to unfold while trusting that the perfect response is always available within reach. 

Defining Clairvoyance 

Clairvoyance is one of the four ‘clairs’ associated with psychic abilities or extrasensory perception. It is derived from the French word for clear seeing and can be understood as the psychic ability to perceive events that have or will come to pass through seeing visions. 

Visions can be experienced at random, as in a flash or a dream, or in times of deep meditation. Depending on how the conduit channels the energy or how aware they are of their abilities will determine how the visions unfold. Some people are more inclined to channel subtle energy than others and are unaware of how to channel their gifts so they don’t use them. Others are unaware of the option to cultivate awareness around their abilities and will write things off as coincidence or chance. 

Ultimately, all human beings are tapped into the metaphysical realm, and through subtle practices, can reconnect with these abilities whenever they like.

Developing clairvoyance 

Clairvoyance can be cultivated through an awareness of one’s intuition and ability to see. Do you have vivid or lucid dreams? Keep a dream journal and begin to meditate on how your dreams relate to what unfolds in your day. Do you often see visions or images when you are in seated pratyahara practice or a meditative state? Make time to reflect on what you saw. If writing isn’t for you, try drawing or painting what you’ve seen. Maybe you connect more with voice memos or notes. Ultimately, if you want to develop an awareness of clairvoyance, you’ll have to begin observing your intuition and how it comes through. 

A seated pratyahara practice for cultivating clairvoyance

Pratyahara is the fifth limb of Yoga and can be described as drawing the senses inward. 

Drawing our attention to stillness through sensory deprivation is a wonderful way to practice pratyahara. By removing outer sight and sound, we can allow our entire experience to focus on inner seeing and true knowing. In this state of being, the mind can settle and the thoughts can move towards a one-pointedness of concentration. From here, we can slip into a state of being that allows us to observe without having to think or do. In this state, messages that need to be seen will be able to arrive without judgment. 

This practice would be best enjoyed at dawn after daily hygiene or at dusk before getting into bed. It would be a beautiful addition to any moon ritual or existing self-care routine. You’ll want something to sit on, like a folded blanket or pillow, an eye cover, and headphones, earplugs, or earbuds to reduce noise. If you prefer white noise or a noise machine, that could work, too. 

It’s important when developing psychic abilities you take time to clear, protect, and ground coming into and out of practice. This will help with keeping your energy field free and clear of psychic blockages. 


Come to sukhasana, or easy seat. 

Soften the gaze and close down the eyes. 

Allow the fingers to find the legs and soften the hands down. 

Become aware of the sitz bones rooted to the earth. 


Use the breath to create a field of energy around the whole body.

See the field ebbing and flowing with the breath. 

Allowing anything that will not serve you to be released into the weather, into the earth. 


Become aware of the space in front of you. Say to yourself, my breath and body protect me.

Become aware of the space behind you. Say to yourself, nothing can harm my open heart.

Become aware of the space below you. Say to yourself, my body is held by the earth below me. 

Become aware of the space to your right and left. Say to yourself, I am equally protected wherever I go. 

Become aware of the space above you. Say to yourself, I am free. I am clear. 


From here, cover the eyes and ears and come into a comfortable state of being. 

Allow your awareness to settle at the space between the brow, in the middle of the forehead. 

Begin to imagine the point of a triangle in space. At the middle of the forehead. 

Allow the point of the triangle to be a signal for any message to receive.

Allow your intuition to see you what needs to be seen, trusting you are protected, and that whatever comes up is simply information. Trusting that nothing needs to be done. 

Continue to sit and observe for as long as you like. Remember to keep time afterwards for grounding and reflection.


Bring your awareness back to space between the brow. 

Breathe gently in and out taking time to arrive back in the body.

Without opening your eyes, thank your inner wisdom for showing you what needed to be seen. Bringing your awareness to the breath, become aware of the field of energy you created around the whole body.

See the field ebbing and flowing with the breath, releasing anything that came up back to earth. Back to the ether. 

Uncover the eyes and ears and make time to sit in contemplation, reflecting on what came up.


You can seal your practice however you like. A simple thank you or heart prayer will do. Whatever you choose, allow it to resonate with heartfelt truth, coming back refreshed, confident, and whole. 

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